5 Best Perennial Plants For Texas

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  • Iris


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    cone flowers

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In recent years with the encroachment of global warming and the fracking industry, gardeners in the state of Texas have become all too familiar with water restrictions. This dearth of water has caused many gardeners to seek out water saving perennial plants that require little care and can thrive in the hot, dry conditions that prevail in the state of Texas. In this article, we will introduce five top perennials that do well under these conditions. Read on to learn more.

5 Beautiful, Hardy Perennials For Texas

coreopsis perennial1. Coreopsis – For a bright, yellow, sunny wildflower garden you can’t beat coreopsis. This tough member of the sunflower family does stunningly well in poor, dry, rocky soil. It makes a great, low maintenance choice as a border or a backdrop for your perennial flower bed.

2. Cone Flowers are beautiful, daisy-like flowers that are heat and drought resistant and also come in a wide variety of colors. You can plant a lovely garden of white, purple and pink cone flowers that literally grow like wildflowers. In fact, coneflower seed is a good choice for your wildflower meadow.

3. Columbine is another wildflower that is actually the state flower of Colorado; however, it does very well in wooded areas in the state of Texas. Like the other perennials mentioned, it comes in a variety of colors including purple, yellow, orange and red. You can add charm to shaded areas of your yard or property with this cheery and hearty little perennial.

4. Mexican Mint Marigold – Hailing from Central America, this is another cheerful addition to your wildflower garden. This perennial is similar in appearance to traditional marigolds, but it is self-seeding and remarkably heat and drought tolerant.

5. Iris –  Ubiquitous throughout the state of Texas. The bearded iris comes in a wide variety of dazzling colors and takes very little care once established. You can enjoy lush, fragrant blooms of purple, pink, yellow, blue, red and many other shades throughout the spring, summer and fall when you plant these tough tubers.

Perennial plants are a nice, carefree choice for any garden under any conditions because they come back year after year on their own. Very often, they become naturalized and spread with wild abandon. When this happens, they may become problematic in and of themselves because you will need to control them in some manner so that they do not become invasive. Often this is a simple matter and just involves frequent lawn maintenance in areas where you do not want your enthusiastic perennials to flourish. Of course, you can always thin your perennials by sharing your extras with your fellow gardeners.

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  1. ReplyAlexa
    You've picked several of my favorites! I love cone flowers. I think they're a classic addition to any flowerbed. Lots of color variety and offers a unique wild-flower look.
  2. ReplyJamie
    All of these are such lovely suggestions. You can't beat the golden glow of sunflowers but I'm probably the most fond of irises and the range of colors. A little variety is an easy way to brighten up the day.

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