6 Commercial Landscaping Tips

Image is Everything

The first thing your customers or perspective clients will see is your landscape.  A great first impression, that’s what a beautiful, welcoming, and gorgeous commercial landscaping can do.  Spring is the perfect time to get outside and make sure your property is ready to impress your clients.

During spring it’s important to make a plan and get your landscape ready to grow and shine during the warmer months. These tips can help plan out which areas of your landscape need the most concentration.

  1. Survey the Landscape

    The first things you should do in the spring is walk through your property and make sure nothing is damaged or hazardous. Some examples would be any debris, broken pavement, in addition sink holes. It’s important that you repair any unsafe conditions, thus making sure your entire property is in great shape.

  2. Irrigation Systems

    irrigationYour irrigation system is important to get a landscape full of healthy plant growth. Additionally this is also a great time to look into upgrading your system to a possible drip irrigation system. This commercial landscaping tip targets water where your plants need it the most and will help you save water.

  3. Clean Up

    During the winter there is a good chance debris such as leaves, branches, twigs and other materials have gathered throughout your property. Do a walk through and clear up all the debris so your landscape is free and clear. Learn more about landscaping spring clean ups and maintenance here.

  4. Fertilize

    Spring is that time of year where everything wants to and is ready to grow. To make sure your landscape encourages healthy growth, apply lawn fertilization throughout your property. This will help your future plants grow to their full potential – and leave you with the landscape everybody is talking about.

  5. Turf Maintenance

    landscapeAnother commercial landscaping tip: don’t be surprised if you find a few dead spots or bad patches of grass on your property. Spring is the ideal time to take care of these issues by loosening up the soil, laying down sod, or seeding the bad areas in your turf. This helps keep those ugly weeds and crabgrass from taking over your yard and walkways.

  6. Touch it Up

    Once the turf and surrounding landscape is ready to grow, furthermore adding mulch and plants to make sure you highlight a display of color, aroma, and beautiful landscape. Laying down mulch will help retain moisture and help all your flowers and shrubs grow into a gorgeous garden.

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  1. Replyrohitaggarwal288@gmail.com
    Thanks for the information
  2. ReplyCamille Devaux
    I was trying to learn a little more about getting a commercial landscaping service. This might be a good idea for my fiance and me for our building. Making sure that it is being touched up and kept looking pleasant means keeping people interested in coming in.
  3. ReplyEllie Davis
    Thank you for suggesting that you should do a walk through and pick up any debris that you find. My husband and I are wanting to get our yard in shape this year and want to find the best products for it. Hopefully, we can do some research and find the best products to help us have the best yard.
  4. ReplyCaden Dahl
    My lawn this past year was not a sight to be seen. Next year however, that will for sure change. You are right that I will be doing some cleaning up during the winter months since the grass won't be growing at all. Then come spring, I'll see about fertilizing the yard so that way, the grass will come in nice and full!
  5. ReplySutton Turner
    I like how you mentioned that turf maintenance is important with landscaping. I want to redesign my whole backyard. Thanks for the tips on landscaping design.
  6. ReplyGary Puntman
    Landscaping will make a first impression for a business or your home. It's a good idea to make sure it is clean, like you said. Debris can make a big difference.
  7. ReplyPenelope Smith
    This is some really good information about landscaping. I just moved into a new home that doesn't have much landscaping done to it. Personally, I have no idea how to do anything related to landscaping or lawn care. So, it is good to know that that I can get a landscaper to help me with fertilizer and my irrigation system.
  8. ReplyJoy Butler
    I'm grateful for your advice about landscaping. What caught my attention here is when you said that a great impression lasts! Yes, I believe so and I agree with your point because of the moment our landscape and garden, whoever visits us will be mesmerized by it.
  9. ReplyJay
    I loved that you mentioned taking care of your lawn. The best way I have seen to treat your turf right is to have regular maintenance performed. The more often someone is watching out for a lawn and taking care of it, the more likely it is that the lawn will grow better.
  10. ReplyJoy Butler
    I really like a landscaped area whenever I am transferring from one place to another. I can do the cleanup, however, I really need professional help in some aspects. Thanks for this cool post!
  11. ReplyGary Puntman
    I agree that the first thing people will notice is your landscape. It's the most visible part of your home when people first see it. I think cleaning up is important, like you said. You want to get rid of debris. This can actually make a huge difference.
  12. ReplyJames
    There are many reasons why you need to maintain a beautiful landscape to commercial properties. Not only it can enhance the image of the business but also it gives highlight to the site structure thus increasing the value of your home and attracting more customers.
  13. ReplyDeb Pearl
    Thank you for all the landscaping tips. I really liked your tip about cleaning up your yard during the winter. I think it would be really smart to do a walk through and clear any debris. I bet it would really help the grass start to grow better if there wasn't debris in the way.
  14. ReplyElitehort
    Hi there, Great tips by the way and thank you. I did have a question though. I'm hoping you can answer it for me since you seem to be pretty knowledgeable about gardening. How do you kill grass and weeds without damaging plants? If you had some insight I would greatly appreciate it.
    • Dustin Bird
      Try to avoid damaging plants by relocating them temporarily or section them off so the weed killer does not come in contact with the plants you want to survive.
  15. ReplyTheodore
    Thanks for the great tips! My family just moved here in Olympia last month but my wife and I wanted to have our lawn landscaped just like what we had when we lived in Ohio. I like the concept of adding gravel between a tree/bush and the grass. IT should make a cleaner look and easier to maintain. I say that landscaping should not only be appealing to the eyes but it could also have a function. So cheers to enjoying our yards!
  16. ReplyBobby Saint
    Great article. Good thing you pointed out about lawn fertilization which would really help plants grow to their full potential. If I ever get to have my own property, I would also do the same.
  17. ReplyJames D.
    Does your company do Irrigation Systems? This is one thing that I have yet to do but was told should be done. I own a house that sits on a good 2.5 acres of land. about 60% of it is covered in trees and the rest is an open field. Sometimes it can be a bit dry and I noticed a lot of the plants wilt even if I do water them. I think having a system would insure they always have water.

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