Apps For Garden And Landscaping Designs

There is an App For That!

tabletdesignerappApps For Garden And Landscaping Designs. The technology trend is here to stay, and now landscapers can take advantage of it. Landscaping apps can offer ideas and starting points for ideal designs or provide access to thousands of different plant types—all at the touch of a finger.

These five top apps for landscaping design can help you and your landscaper clearly understand exactly what you want…

  1.  iScape – iScape’s user friendly technology provides easy-to-use virtual design tools so you can portray your vision at ease. With a mobile garden and landscape design app you can eliminate all the guesswork and confusion. Simply snap a picture and start dragging and dropping scapes into your design. Available for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.
  2. SmartdrawSmartdraw is a robust program that allow for not only garden designs, but also floor plans and more. It is available for PC and Windows and Android Tablets.
  3. Garden Plan Pro – Your area might seem ideal for growing cucumbers, but the weather might say otherwise. This smart app uses data from 6,500 weather stations to recommend the best seasons to grow. Input the plants you pick, and you’ll receive reminders of when to plant them.

  4. Eden Garden Designer – Eden Garden Designer lets you design beautiful gardens on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Start with one of the included gardens, ready for planting, or create your own through your iPhone’s camera or photo library.

Now for the fun to begin!

Once you’ve designed your space on a smartphone or tablet, turn it into reality by pulling old or dead plants and replacing them with new ones. You can throw plants  materials directly into a compost bin. Other landscape or if you are wiping the slate clean, use a dumpster rental instead of trying to bag up everything.

If your landscaping design is too much for you to handle, then call TLC Landscapes for a professional’s expertise to make your dream a reality.


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  1. ReplyJoe Wright
    All thanks to technology, mobile apps can help a lot in landscaping. As often seen, these technological achievements come with downsides. I'd like to know if there are significant downsides to using these apps for garden and landscaping designs.

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