Benefits of a Kitchen Garden

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Fresh Herbs in Kitchen Window

Before we embark on this discussion about the importance of the kitchen garden, you must have seen some un-utilized space in your property. This space can quickly be turned into your kitchen garden. Or maybe, the balcony area, courtyard. These areas can be significant in growing your small garden for primary produce. You don’t have to waste time, go through this review to check all the points you should know about the benefits of the kitchen garden.

1. Fresh & Healthy Vegetables

Since most farmers in the entire universe use chemicals and fertilizers to grow their produce, the toxic content exposes us to a lot of health risks. However, with your kitchen garden, you can grow healthy vegetables which are 100% organic, healthy and fresh. This adds nutritional value. Your entire family will appreciate your brilliant mind having your produce at your doorstep.

2. Rich in vitamins and other essential chemicals of life

Vegetables are a source of vitamins and minerals which help in protecting our bodies against illness and diseases. Lack of proper diet will drastically cause malnutrition. Therefore, intake of Palak and carrots will prevent blinding malnutrition. Also, roots and tubers, for instance; suran, goradu, and potato play a significant role in providing us with heat and energy.

3. Fresh air

Plants use carbon dioxide to make food while in return give us clean oxygen to breathe. We all know how modernization has influenced air pollution and living in such environments limits health progress. So, having a kitchen garden will improve the quality of the air we breath and consequently our health will improve. If many of us apply this science, then clean air will be available in plenty for all of us.

4. Essential herbs

After the enormous consumption of pesticides that come with the products we buy every day, we need to detoxify. Therefore, adding herbs in our daily meals will get rid of the harmful chemicals from our body sequentially. Even though we can buy these herbs from the vendors, planting them in your garden will simplify going to the market every time you are in need of one. Examples of such herbs are lemongrass, cilantro, mint, celery, spinach, fenugreek among others.

5. Aesthetic value

If you want to increase the aesthetic value, you need to have your garden planted beautifully to enhance elegance. It, therefore, pleases, the eyes of whoever is setting a glance at the garden. Lift your mood easily, and positive vibes will flow through your system. This is what we need in our daily activities to live happily.

6. Hobby and Habit

Hobbies are something you enjoy doing every day of your life. Everyone has their interests and habits. How about those who love nature? Once you begin putting up your kitchen garden, the aspect of doing it every day, it will become a habit. This means a day will never pass without you being seen around the place. So, this can become someone’s hobby in the long run.

Yes, having a kitchen garden has a lot of benefits than disadvantages. That said, everyone should practice it. Its cost may vary depending on what you want to set up, but if you’re going to enjoy fresh and healthy plants growing or vegetables, you need to start your own. Commercial vegetables somewhat contain chemicals hence pose a risk to human life. Protect your loved ones.

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    Love this! As a vintage enthusiast, I've wanted for years to start a sort of replica victory garden, I've just never had the time. Since my job has changed, I've got a lot more time at home, so this spring may be my chance! I grew up on a farm, and there's nothing that really tastes better than food you grew yourself. It can also really help with grocery bills, even if you only grow a few things. Tomatoes and peppers are especially hardy. I had a tomato plant that I kept last year that was producing well into the winter!

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