Benefits Of Your Own Garden Guest Room

garden roomIt can be exhausting to invite people to stay in your home, particularly if they plan to hang around for a while. It can get tiring to have everybody bumping into one another and getting on top of each other in your home even if the said guests are close friends or even family.

What if you had a private and practical guest room for guests in your home? That’s a perfect idea. We at UrbanPods, based in Scotland, specialize in the creation of custom-made garden rooms for our customers and believe that a garden guest room can be one of the best ideas for busy, sociable households.

Cozy and Comfy

Our comprehensive design, planning, and installation process involves collaborating with you to build a high-quality garden room.

Once the garden room is installed, you can make it the ideal space for your visitors and guests to stay for the weekend. Focus on comfortable and relaxing surroundings for your guests so that they can have a safe haven for re-energizing for your weekend of festivities.

You are free to add some incredibly comfortable surroundings so that your guests feel safe and snug in their unique space.


People sometimes like a bit of their own time and space for reflecting during a busy weekend. A garden guest room offers the best of both worlds since the person essentially has his/her own hotel room that’s set apart from the main house but with the closeness and proximity to everybody else at the same time.

Guests often don’t enjoy feeling like they are getting in everybody’s way or putting you out, so having their own room gives them some privacy and independence.

Extra Cash

You can earn some extra cash at the end of the month thanks to your garden guest room. If you list your guest room on a platform such as Airbnb, you can potentially open it up to tourists looking to visit the local area.

This is perfect for guests that don’t wish to intrude and have a room that’s separate to the rest of the house. Guests can come and go as they please while simultaneously enjoying a sense of independence and privacy.

You can actually find yourself paying back the price of the investment in your garden guest room by renting it out to others and meeting some colorful characters in the process.

A Safe Haven

Life often throws up unexpected events and not everything goes according to plan. If a family member or friend is in some trouble or in between things and needs a place to stay for some time, then a garden guest room can be an excellent option.

Having a practical suggestion that you can offer somebody in his/her time of need or when he/she needs a break is ideal and a garden guest room is exactly that – rather than hoping that things will improve for somebody, you can provide a practical lifeline with your garden guest room with a view.


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