Best Flowers to Plant in Texas

Summer Flowering Plants For PotsLiving in the heat of Texas can be a challenge, and this is certainly true for growing flowers. Keeping your flowers healthy when the temperature reaches the triple digits is quite tricky. If you want to plant flowers in Texas, here are some heat-friendly recommendations.

  • Zinnias: This is a warm-climate plant that’s quite popular in Texas. Zinnias belong to the daisy family and they boast a broad variety of colors. They require a full sun and need to be planted in a well-drained soil.
  • Lantanas: A brightly colored perennial, this plant tends to change colors as it grows. Lantanas are one of Texas’ heartiest heat loving flowering plants that can thrive even in extreme temperatures. They belong to the verbena family, and their tiny flowers bloom in multi-colored bunches.
  • Firebush: The Firebush plant produces red flowers that do a great job of attracting hummingbirds. It requires full sunlight and can grow up to three feet tall.
  • Hardy Hibiscus: A member of the mallow family, Hardy Hibiscus is a beautiful plant with maroon or hot pink flowers. This is a low-maintenance plant that thrives in full sunlight. It blooms all summer and fall, only going dormant after the first winter frost.
  • Lord Baltimore Hibiscus: Also a Texas native, this plant has bright scarlet flower that blooms from July to winter. Once cultivated, it offers years of colorful blooms that easily attract butterflies and hummingbirds. Preferring moist soils, they’re often found near ponds, and can grown up to five feet tall.
  • Columbine: This native Texas plant belongs to a group of flowers commonly called buttercups, due to their trumpet-shaped blossoms. Columbines yield yellow flowers with long spurs and fernlike foliage. Both heat- and shade-friendly, they require well-drained yet frequently watered soil.
  • Turks Cap: An ornamental perennial plant, it is often cultivated in the shade. made use for shady sites. This member of the mallow family is commonly found in south texas. Turks Cap is a fast-growing shrub with red blossoms that can reach three to six feet in height.

pink hibiscusConclusion

All of these breeds are low-maintenance and heat-hardy, making them a great addition to your yard. Each of these beautiful blooms thrive in the Texas heat and will provide a wonderful burst of color to your landscape.

Whether you’re planting flowers or embarking on other landscaping projects, TLC Landscaping’s professionals are here to help!


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    I like the zinnias, I think I'll choose them. I wasn't sure which one to plant, but this article helped me a lot ! Thanks !

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