Best Nitrogen Fertilizer For Lawns

Having a healthy and green lawn would bring joy to everyone especially because it complements the landscape very well. Sinking your bare feet into such a green lawn would feel so nice and exciting.  Lawn fertilization helps keep your grass strong and healthy.

Wanting the greenest grass on your lawn may not be that easy especially when nature is working against you. The soil in your lawn might not be full of nutrients which the grass requires for it to grow, therefore it’s not growing fast enough. Another possible problem is your lawn has one of many common lawn diseases. The solution to this problem is going for the best nitrogen fertilizer for your lawn.

As part of a good lawn maintenance program, fertilizer would provide necessary food for the grass to get the energy to grow. Even during times when it would have died off. You could be hearing of best brands of fertilizers for lawns but it’s important that you do some bit of research so that you get the best fertilizer for your lawn.

fertilizing the lawn

How Fertilizers Work?

It’s important to know how lawn fertilizer works in order to know the type of fertilizer that can work best on your lawn for you to get the results that you desire.

With the best fertilizer, your lawn can be so healthy and green and it will keep growing with the help of nutrients. The lawn is like any kind of living thing that depends on certain nutrients, minerals, and vitamins for it to sustain itself.
Most lawn fertilizers have three nutrients namely phosphorous, nitrogen and potassium. The nitrogen is responsible for the growth of your grass. Phosphorous makes your lawn’s roots stronger while potassium helps the lawn be healthy.

Best Nitrogen Fertilizers For Your Lawn

Basically, there are two types of fertilizers namely synthetic and organic. Whether you are using synthetic or organic fertilizer, they both have their benefits and setbacks. However, it would all depend on what you want for your lawn.

  • Synthetic Fertilizers are man made, inorganic compounds – usually derived from by-products of the petroleum industry. Examples are Ammonium Nitrate, Ammonium Phosphate, Superphosphate, and Potassium Sulfate.
  • Organic Fertilizers are materials based from plant and animal parts or residues. Examples are, Blood Meal, Compost, Bat Guano, Manure, Seaweed, and Worm Castings.

There are concerns on safety that would need to be considered before using any fertilizer such precautions on your pets, environment and you. This is the reason as to why you should choose the following fertilizer as it is organic, and it will give you better results in the long term.

Eco Friendly Fertilizers

  • Safer Brand:  Ringer Lawn Fertilizer, Great to for maintaining a well established. Won’t leave harmful chemical runoff.
  • Espoma: Organic Lawn Food, Great for homeowners that want to keep their yard safe for the kids and pets.


This type of fertilizer is meant for lawns which have a root system that is already established. Fertilizer without phosphorous will not harm the quality of water, and it will help the roots grow strong.

Made from feather meal poultry manure iron oxide and elemental sulfur. Contains bio-tone microbes and 2-percent non-staining iron.  Safe for kids and pets. 


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  1. ReplySam P.
    Espoma's Organic Lawn Food sounds right for my wife and I. We have three kids, 2 dogs, and care for a few stray cats out back so I want to make sure everyone stays safe. I have heard of cats and dogs getting back reactions and since my kids love running around out there barefoot, it is better to be safe than sorry! Thanks for all the information.
  2. ReplyKat Mc cabe
    I actually just bought new fertilizer yesterday. Great article, fertilizer can be a very daunting ordeal!

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