Best Plants for North Texas Heat

If you’re looking for the most heat resistant plants in Texas, look no further than Texas superstar plants. These types of plants come highly recommended by a bevy of Texas landscaping experts including:

* Representatives from Texas Botanical Gardens & Arboretums

* Experienced Texas Gardeners & Nursery Professionals

* Horticulturists from Texas A&M

When you choose a superstar plant, you can feel sure of stellar performance and success. In this article, we will discuss some top choices among Texas superstar trees, flowering plants and rosebushes.

Native & Naturalized Flowering Plants

Having a good collection of flowering plants in your garden helps attract hummingbirds, butterflies and other pollinators. Here are 3 top choices in heat resistant flowering superstar plants:

henry duehlberg salvia1. Salvia is generally tolerant of heat and does not attract deer. Henry Duelberg is a Texas native salvia that grows 2 to 3 feet tall and is covered in deep blue to purple flowers. Other types of Salvia including Indigo Spires and Mystic Spires Blue also do very well in Texas.
cape plumbago2. Cape Plumbago is a sprawling sky-blue flowering plant that makes a good groundcover or can be trained to climb a trellis. It is very attractive to butterflies, but it does not seem to attract deer. It does best in well-drained, sandy soil.
blue princess verbena3. Blue Princess Verbena is a very tough one-foot-tall flowering plant that thrives under harsh sunlight, dry conditions and tremendous heat. It does best if you prune it vigorously to encourage more blossoms.

Roses Provide Water Saving Luxury

As you may know, the name of the state of Texas was derived from the Spanish word Tejas, which means friendly, and yellow roses are the symbol of friendship. For this reason, no Texas garden is complete without Grandmas Yellow Rose! This traditional yellow rose of Texas grows four or five feet tall and produces very fragrant flowers. It does well with ample sunshine and consistent (not excessive) watering.

belindas dream rose flower plantBelinda’s Dream Rose was named the very first Texas superstar plant. It does beautifully well in hot, dry conditions. It’s blossoms are a delightful pink, impressively aromatic and produce abundant and luxurious petals.

Native Oak Trees Are Hardy Top Performers

There are several types of native oak trees in Texas. Two types that do especially well are the Lacey Oak and the Chinkapin Oak. The former is a small tree that grows no higher than 35 feet. It is a good choice for suburban neighborhoods in the hill country where soil pH is high. It provides good shade and is tolerant of both heat and drought.

The Chinkapin Oak is a larger tree that grows as high as 50 feet. Its leaves are a deep, glossy green which transitions to yellow, orange and brown in the fall. This type of oak attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. It provides excellent shade, prefers neutral-to-alkaline soil and is tolerant of heat and drought once established.[pb_builder]


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  1. ReplyJamie
    The Belinda roses are absolutely beautiful! I didn't realize that roses were so hardy. Verbena is my favorite. That deep purple is recognizable anywhere. Great suggestions!

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