Best Time to Water Lawn and Plants in Hot Weather

waterAre you confused about when is the best time to water your plants when it’s hot? Are you second-guessing your routine because you worry that it will simply evaporate before it soaks into the soil?

Watering your yard at the right time in the summer is essential to its health and continued growth. Have no fear, as we offer you a simple guide for irrigating your greens in the heat.

Best Watering Times

During the hot, dry days of a Texas summer, the best time to water is around 6 to 8 AM. This is generally the coolest time of day, often a few degrees cooler than the overnight temperatures. Thus, the water has the greatest chance to fully sink into your topsoil.

If morning watering doesn’t work well for your schedule, evening irrigation is still more effective than doing so mid-day. Make sure you water late enough that the temperature has dropped by several degrees. Around 5pm is typically when the ground itself is the hottest.

Striking a Balance

Whichever time you choose, be sure you provide about an inch of water. A day or two of dry topsoil can encourage deep root growth, but more than that and you risk drying out your lawn. On the other hand, overwatering can result in waterlogged soil, wherein the roots are too saturated to breathe.

Lay Off the Fertilizers and Herbicides

Applying these chemicals in the hottest part of the summer season can damage your plants and grass. May and September are the best months in Texas to fertilize your landscape.

To spot-treat intrusive weeds in the heat of the summer, you’re best off doing so manually. A trowell can assist in effectively digging up the root system.


For a lush, hydrated yard in the summer, follow these tips to avoid wasting water or harming your ground cover. Plants, like all living beings, need lots of water to stay healthy in extreme heat. If you follow a morning or evening irrigation schedule and water deeply, your lawn and plants can easily sustain the summer season.


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