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Outdoor Hardscape Ideas

Outdoor Hardscape Ideas

Let The Hardscaping Begin! In landscaping a home or business a major part of the landscaping is the hardscaping. Hardscape is the use of solid materials around areas, like patios, fencing and walkways, in addition makes your yard more usable and private. Hardscaping tips and ideas will also help accent your plants, flowers and other […]

Mulch Alternatives for your Landscape

Mulch is a crucial element for any home gardener. Mulch retains moisture, insulates plant roots and reduces weed growth, all while enhancing the visual appeal of flowerbeds and other landscaping features. Many people rely on shredded wood or bark mulch for their garden and yards, there are a number of mulch alternatives for your landscape you […]

The Best Indoor Plants For Clean Air

The Best Indoor Plants For Clean Air

Indoor Plants Considering the average human being spends roughly 90-percent of their time indoors, the quality of the air is certainly important—particularly when you consider the toxic compounds from paint and wallpaper, cleaning products, furniture, pollen, mold, bacteria, and in poorly ventilated homes. Luckily, welcoming indoor plants into your home can help to purify air […]

How to Trim Shrubs & Bushes Into Shapes

Shaping  Shrubs & Bushes When shaping bushes, achieve optimum results by honoring their natural habit. Use restraint. Respect the fact that each bush is genetically programmed for a certain size, profile, and branching pattern. Make cuts that support these features and preserve the essential character of the plant. Lollipop shapes look unattractive on the front lawn. […]

How to Plant Begonias

Its as Easy as One Two Three! Growing Begonias It’s Easy to Grow Begonias.  Almost all homes have a place suitable for begonias. Places such as the north side of a building, under shade trees or in pots under a porch roof are perfect spots for planting begonias. Considered a Texas Superstar Plant, begonias will highlight […]

5 Best Perennial Plants For Texas

In recent years with the encroachment of global warming and the fracking industry, gardeners in the state of Texas have become all too familiar with water restrictions. This dearth of water has caused many gardeners to seek out water saving perennial plants that require little care and can thrive in the hot, dry conditions that […]