Cold Hardy Tropical Plants

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  • colocasia


    Large leaves on this tropical plant. The Colocasia is a more delicate plant on this list so be careful to take inside when very cold.
  • bird of paradise tropical plant

    Bird of Paradise

    In full bloom Bird of Paradise tropical plant is very colorful.
  • hosta plants

    Hosta Plant

    Great for indoors or outdoors, the Hosta plant is very cold hardy.
  • maidenhair fern

    Maidenhair Fern

    No flowers or seeds for these tropical plants. Ferns are great for adding a tropical feel to your garden area.
  • mandevilla


    The Mandevilla stands out in your garden for it's various beautiful colors.


If you love tropical plants and live in a zone where the weather changes abruptly from a high temperature to a really low one, you may have wasted lots of money in buying plants for each season of the year because they cannot survive the abrupt changes. However, in this article, we present you with an option that can help you save money and give you the satisfaction and tranquility of having a beautiful plant in or around your house during every season of the year. Here are five tropical plants for low temperatures.

1. Colocasia

This is a very beautiful plant that’ll make any space in your home look tropical. Its large leaves will produce a feeling of warmth to your eyes, and you can also be sure that it will withstand low temperatures, as it is a plant resistant to cold temperatures and constant climate changes.

Of course, it’s very important to keep in mind that the plant needs some basic care that you cannot escape. For example, you need to constantly check the humidity level of the plant and make sure that it’s not exposed to too strong winds. It’s also possible that the color of some of its leaves will be damaged by too cruel climates, and you’ll need to find the most suitable place in your home for your plant. Although it’s a cold hardy plant, you’ll need to help it out a little.

2. Bird of Paradise

If you want to have a colorful space in your home that makes you feel tropical, you need this beautiful ornamental plant that flowers most of the year. Its beautiful colors will captivate you and your visitors. This South African plant can grow up to two meters and is constantly renewing its flowers, so you’ll always have a beautiful ornament at home.

Of course, this plant needs at all times to receive considerable levels of humidity, so you must be careful to ensure that it is never separated from an adequate source of hydration. Water it periodically depending on how you observe its humidity level, and use a little fertilizer on a regular basis. This will guarantee your success even in the midst of really low temperatures.

3. Hosta

Hostas are ornamental herbaceous plants. These plants are held in high esteem and are protected by two very important botanical societies: “The American Hosta Society” and “The British Hosta and Hemerocallis Society”. That speaks of its great importance.

However, beyond that is the fact that they are very beautiful green plants that provide you with a feeling of warmth and freshness. This is due to the appearance of their beautiful greenish leaves and their uniformity. As you can see in the photo, there are different shades of hostas, which gives you the security of having a variety of these plants to decorate your home with different tones of green combined with white. And the most important thing… in areas of low temperatures.

4. Ferns

Ferns are some of the most beautiful green plants, as they produce a feeling of peace and vitality. Whether you want them in your office, in your living room or in your outdoor garden, ferns will improve the atmosphere anywhere.

One of the most interesting facts about ferns is that they have neither seeds nor flowers, which makes them ideal for decorating places where other flowers are present. However, the best thing about ferns is their resistance to different climatic changes in spite of looking very delicate. We definitely recommend you to have some ferns anywhere you want to feel tropical.

5. Mandevilla

We’ve already talked about three tropical green plants that you could have in a cold environment. However, we understand that you may want a little more color for your environment. Therefore, Mandevilla can be a great option to have in your garden.

The beautiful colors of the Mandevilla can combine very well with the green background of the ferns. Or if you want to combine it with other plants, the Mandevilla will always stand out for its beauty and delicacy. We definitely recommend it.

As you can realize, there are many options of tropical plants you can have in zones where the weather is really cold sometimes. So, we invite you to get yours and get in the tropical mood.



Tropical plants in a cold environment… Is it possible? Yes! In this article, we share with you five plants you can have in your garden or house every season.


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