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landscaping services rose gardenGetting creative in your garden can elevate its appearance and give you a sense of accomplishment for the work you’ve done. There are various techniques to enhancing your yard, and one of the most rewarding is creating your own flower bed.  

Flower beds create a sense of balance to the overall layout of your yard. They’re also a vibrant way to add height, dimension, and a splash of color.

If you’re wondering which flowers will flourish in our North Texas climate, we’ve got some ideas for you.

For creating a new flower bed in your garden, these steps will guide you through the process:

Step 1: Visualize your Plan

Before anything else, visualizing your plan for your flower bed is a must. In this step, you must properly plan and organize the materials, techniques, and layout of the project. Creating a design for your flower bed can ensure that the vision of your final product is actually achievable. You want to consider the natural landscape, the flowers you want to plant, and the amount of sun exposure.

Step 2: Choose the Flowers with a Good Color and Texture

When choosing plants and flowers, their color and texture must be considered. Be sure you choose plants that go well with the landscape you’ve already got established.  Fragrant flowers are always a welcome addition to your yard, but you want to research local insects, so as to avoid an unwelcome influx of insects. There are also some plants that readily attract hummingbirds, which are always pleasant guests in the garden.

Step 3: Apply some Landscaping Ideas

Landscaping tools can significantly add to the appearance of your flower bed. You can use materials such as rocks, pebbles, flat stones, or marbles. Colorful rocks and stones can add to the overall aesthetic of your garden, allowing you to express your creativity as you create a landscape that compliments the flowers you wish to plant.

Step 4: Take Care of your Flower Bed

After you’ve planted your flowers, be sure you continue to take good care of them. Research their specific needs based on breed, sunlight, and other common considerations. Proper and regular monitoring will assure your garden’s health and continued growth. Be sure you prune dry patches and always be on the lookout for weeds and other intruders. For beautiful flowering shrubs to add to your garden, visit our friends at PlantingTree.


  • Visualize the what, where, and how of your new flower garden before you begin.
  • Choose flowers that will fortify your lawn with colors and textures you love.
  • Rocks, stones, and pebbles can add an earthy dimension to your garden’s landscape.
  • Take care of your budding beauties, based on their specific breeds and needs.

mandevillaThe great thing about being a homeowner is that you truly get to take ownership of your space, both inside and out. For additional tips on improving your home space, be sure to visit our friends at! The joys of gardening can bring many returns from one season to the next, and we’re always here to help out with landscaping advice. 



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  1. ReplyCindra@lifewithafarmer
    Great advise on visualizing the plan! I have always just started planting the flowers without giving much thought to the placement. And of course I have ended up with tall flowers in front of shorter ones. :( Not a good idea visually.

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