Decorating Your Outdoor Space with Potted Flowers

quicksand roseSummer in North Texas is a great season to enjoy your backyard in the balmy afternoons and shady evenings. Pool parties, barbecues, and outdoor events fill our calendars with wonderful reasons to celebrate the gorgeous weather.

If you’re a fan of entertaining in your outdoor space, then aesthetics are certainly a priority. In addition to taking advantage of TLC’s top-notch landscaping services, sometimes an added touch of color and elegance can bring your backyard party to a whole new level.

With proper care, potted flowers can last several weeks both inside and out. We’ve got some fantastic suggestions about how to decorate your porch, patio, deck, or lanais with a fragrant splash of color.

Garden Roses

These beauties come in a broad variety of colors, and will enhance your outdoor space with their rich, classic fragrance. The scent of roses is known to produce feelings of calm and emotional well-being, which is always a pleasant addition to any social gathering.

With next-day shipping from VirginFarms, you are guaranteed a healthy, voluptuous bouquet of roses in an array of your choosing. With 18 different shades, these lovely ladies will easily complement any decor.

Dutch Flowers

This variety includes both peonies and ranunculus, which are equally as full-bodied in their blossoms as roses. Peonies range from white to deep red, with an abundance of dense petals.

Ranunculus blossoms are bodaciously round and dense, and can often be found with multi-colored petals. The green and white, for example, boasts lettuce-like petals on the outside, with a bright white layer underneath. The orange green variety, on the other hand, is a veritable rainbow of orange, green, pink, and white- all fading in and out of each other in a delicate kaleidoscope of petals.

Other Varieties With More Unique Blossoms

When it comes to picking flowers by the bunch to liven up your outdoor space, there are myriad other varieties that can add a dash of texture and liveliness outside the classic rose-type blossoms we mentioned above.

Hydrangeas, for instance, produce large bundles of small flowers in a beautiful variety of colors. Lilies are always an elegant choice, with their delicate, freckled blossoms. For a more exotic display, anemonies come in a variety of deep shades, with their open faces and lovely black centers.


If you’re looking to liven up your backyard events with a burst of life beyond what your landscape already offers, potted flowers are a fantastic option. Not only do they add a bright ambience to the event, but they can be gifted out to your guests at the end of the evening.

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