DIY Backyard Ideas for Kids

Trying to get your kids to go outside more often? A place to play without caring about safety problems for your kids? The backyard is the easiest destination for you. DIY backyard ideas for kids is not only showing your kids what a little creativity can accomplish, but also can provide the most convenient and safe playground for them to play.

A Few Ideas to Try

tires-kids-projectsHere are some backyard ideas for kids that are easy and affordable build. Not only will they provide your a family project to finish, but also teaching your kids to work together learn to build something.


Used tires are a cheap and durable choice for backyards and play grounds. Tires can be used in a variety ways including:

  • A Swing on a tree.
  • Placed in a jungle gym.
  • Used in a obstacle course.

Sand Boxes

DIY -Playground-SandboxPlaying in the dirt is not really an option these because dirt is well, “dirty”. Sandboxes offers a clean option to let your kids play and dig to their hearts content.  Placing a bench or tires nearby gives them a place to sit and play.

  • Make a sandbox with used pallets.
  • Using Pavestove to create a stylish sandbox.

It is a good idea to create a cover to keep the sand covered when kids are not using it. This keeps wind from blowing away sand, and also keeps small animals from using the sandbox as a little box. If sand gets into your lawn, try to spread it even over you lawn if you cannot put back into your sand box.  Lawn moving over piles of sand is not good for your lawn mower.

Tree House or Clubhouse

Kids love to have a place where they can play and call their own.  Trees offer an elevated location to build a tree house. Something as DIY-backyard-clubhousesimple as a 3 foot floor would do.  However if you want to go all out and make the ultimate tree house, you can do that too.

Play houses can be built or bought. You can create a simple house or a complex play house that incorporates a jungle gym, tire swing and a sandbox if you want it to.

Fence for Activities

Most of us do not use the fence landscape for any reason other than privacy.  How about using that space to create an activity area for you kids?

  • Chalk boards on the fence will keep them drawing for hours, all the while not using a lot of space.
  • Drums or musical features like an assortment of pans, even a PVC percussion array could be possible.
  • Placing a sandbox along the fence line.

Other Creative Ideas

diy-backyard-projectA few other ideas would be to bury your trampoline to take away the falling over factor. There is also creating benches around your trees.

If you are really ambitious and want to have to ultimate backyard playground, then you can make your own obstacle course.  Using tires, long wooden balance beams, a climbing wall, is just a few features you can incorporate.

Many of these ideas are easy to find on the internet, but another factor to consider is your yard. If you have some small hills or lots of trees, you might try different ideas to match your landscape.

DIY Garden Ideas On A Budget


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  1. ReplyJane
    I am keen on making a fun backyard for kids, reason being I want them to be more active and avoid just facing the screens of technology for too long. Great tip on how to handle the sand box, I was particularly worried on how it becoming too messy, the design you presented is stylish and avoids the mess of the too open kind. Great DIY backyard ideas, thank you very much.
  2. ReplyJames
    An old favorite used to be the lemonade bottle with some holes poked in it and a hose pipe to feed it. I think more than anything children love water, so provided there is an adult to supervise (water also being very dangerous) this or a paddling pool is a consideration and some paddling pools come very big these days. We had a swimming pool at primary school, which was essentially, a huge paddling pool up to about waist depth. I've seldom been so excited as I was back then at the thought of swimming in this thing. That said, there are so many ways to make a garden exciting for children, depending on the age, including as a place they can camp in over night.
  3. ReplyMike Rickard
    I can tell you from experience that kids love treehouses. My godson had one and played in it for hours. It was a neighborhood attraction and he never got tired of using it. We live in a climate with very cold and damp winters and the treehouse lasted for many years. Naturally, you want to check to make sure you don't run into any zoning issues (depending on where you live), but a treehouse can be fantastic. Also check with your homeowner's insurance to see if there are any particulars. Whatever the case, a treehouse will create many childhood memories and you won't be sorry you built one.

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