DIY Garden Ideas On A Budget

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  • Potted Plants
    Potted plants are a very affordable and can be utilize in any garden or landscape.
  • pots placement
    Pots can be placed along walk ways, doorways, stairs, and fence line to name a few pots.
  • spilled flower garden
    This is a genius way to use a pot and traditional flowerbed in one area.
  • Suspended Potted Plants
    Smaller pots are elevated and suspended along the fence line.
  • multiple pots
    A variety of stack able pots elevates into a sophisticated flowering pot.
  • Cement Blocks
    Cheap and Simple Planters
  • Cement Blocks
    Can be stacked and arranged in many different patterns

Sometimes making your front or back stand out is as easy as adding a little TLC.  Most yards require some lawn mowing and gardening maintenance, but adding a few little accessories really make your landscape standout.

Shine on with lights!

lightsSometimes we can get a little overwhelmed trying to think of DIY garden ideas on a budget. A garden is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy natures beauty and subtle treasures.  Most people think a garden can only be enjoyed during the day, however this is not the case.  Utilizing outdoor lighting will enhance your garden in more ways than you imagined.

  1. Using assorted party lights along fence lines or under a umbrella for more intimate settings to enjoy your garden.
  2. Solar powered accent lights along walk ways and pathways add some charm all the while being economical.
  3. Outdoor lanterns and torches are a great way to have softer lighting in a more intimate setting.

Mix It Up

Combining ornamental grasses add texture, color and a modern look to your garden. These grasses can be a great, low-maintenance feature to your garden without hurting your budget.  Ornamental grasses help your landscape look high-design and expensive. These more visible grasses worth adding to your yard include:

Blue Oatgrass
–Feather Reedgrass
Flax (colorful)
multiple potsLittle Bluestem (colorful)
–Zoysia (Easy lawn mowing and perfect for a soft ground cover)

Using Pot and Planters

By utilizing pots for planting tree, grasses, shrubs, flower, etc you can provide a nice alternative to traditional garden beds for your landscape. As the slideshow illustrates that a creative use of pots and planters can spice up a garden and give it that unique flavor.

  1. Cinder Blocks – A word of caution, some cinders block are chemically treated and should not used if water run-off is possible.
  2. Wooden Pots – Not just wooden boxes, but stacked levels for variety.
  3. Small hanging planters, along a fence is always cool to see,
  4. Assorted size planters laid in a tiered set up.

There many many more ways to use everyday house hold items to plant in your garden.  Take a few moments to look around your house for old items you may not use anymore.   Have fun!

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  1. ReplyJames
    Another way to go is just to buy a few moderately expensive items which are focal points. A Roman sundial in the middle of a lawn, a hardwood bench, some decorative life-size flamingos hiding amongst some flowers and shrubs. Expensive things often pay for themselves eventually because they are the things you will hold onto, but also if you don't mind things that are old or chipped there are many bargains to be had. And make friends with your neighbours and they will happily give you cuttings, unwanted plant pots, etc.
  2. ReplyJoanna
    I love that spilled flower pot look. Im going to try that in my yard!
  3. ReplyJohn Mitchell
    I was extremely pleased to discover this page. I need to to thank you for your time due to this fantastic read!! I definitely savored every part of it and i also have you bookmarked to check out new information on your site.

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