Dog Friendly Landscape Design

doggiesA Doggie Dog World!

Every dog has a unique personality and if you work with your dog’s personality and design the landscape accordingly. With proper dog friendly landscape design frustration will be less on both sides. Some dogs feel it’s their duty to patrol the perimeter of the landscape, creating a well-worn dog trail. If this sound like your dog, don’t plant in-ground gardens, flower beds, small shrubs or trees along the perimeter of your landscape; your dog will trample them down. Use raised beds or containers around the landscape perimeter for planting, or design the landscape away from the perimeter so your dog can continue his patrol duty. Raised bed gardens also protect prized plantings from raised dog legs.

Hazardous Plants for Dogs

Beware of toxic plants!  There are many plants that can poison your dog, and even more that can poison your cat so be sure to do plenty of plant research.  Read articles and access the ASPCA’s list of toxic plants when you are designing your garden. Dog friendly landscape design.

  1. A yard of his own – Some dogs are diggers and some are chasers. They will dig up anything you plant in the ground and/or chase after everything they see or think they see. Create a landscape that gives the dog a yard of his own with fencing or other barriers.  Your dog can dig and chase all he wants without destroying the planted sections of the landscape.
  2. Water feature – Some dogs love water and will make a bee-line for the fish pond, Water fountain or family swimming pool. To incorporate a dog-free water feature in the landscape, give him a dedicated water feature. A plastic swimming pool and a little dog training will keep your landscape water fur-free and your dog happily wet.
  3. Exercise – Exercise will relieve the dog’s boredom and release their energy. Afterwards they will be content to lay under the shade tree in the lush green grass of the landscape and leave your plantings undisturbed. If your dog does not get enough exercise from or with you, they will dig when bored to release their pent up energy.



If the above mentioned options won’t work for you or your dog. A supervised dog will not destroy the landscaping. When a dog is beside of their owner, they will almost never dig, chew or trample on anything planted in the landscape.

Landscapes designed with your pets in mind, provide plenty of exercise for you dog and supervision when needed. This way, your dog and landscape will thrive together.  TLC Landscapes are pet knowledgeable with landscape design in mind.  Call now or click here for a free custom estimate.


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  1. ReplyJohn Welch
    This write up contains some valuable information. A fully loaded dog friendly landscape design is dream of every dog lover. I loved reading your article and it contributed a lot to my knowledge about hazardous plants for dogs. I was totally unaware of this fact. Thank you Justin for sharing your knowledge with dog lovers.
  2. ReplySam Brown
    I used to plant in-ground plants and get mad at my dog for destroying them, but I got to know that getting annoyed isn't the way out after reading this article. Dog friendly landscape design and raised beds remain the key. Thanks for this informative piece.

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