Easy Steps For a Weed-Free Lawn

A healthy, weed-free garden requires a bit of work, but TLC Landscapes is here to make sure you’ve got all the right tools and support to get the job done. There are many tips and tricks you can employ to keep your lawn free of pests, including spot-treatment and a bit of well-placed mulch. Let’s take a look at a few ways to keep you on top of your gardening game.

Herbicides and Fertilizers

Did you know there are fertilizers that can starve your weeds while sustaining your grass? It all depends on how the compound interacts with a specific plant. Some are designed to cause hazardous overgrowth in the weeds (resulting in death) while keeping your lawn healthy, and others are designed to spot-attack pesky intruders without harming the surrounding foliage. Check with one of our experts to see which treatments work best with your ground coverage.

Spot Watering

In addition to spot-treatment for fertilization, using a hand-held sprayer is a cheap and efficient way to focus your lawn care. If you’ve got a few unsightly weeds in a fully sunlit area of your yard, consider spot watering instead of using a full-coverage sprinkler system. This method saves water and ensures that you’re nourishing the plants you love while starving out the unsightly intruders.

Mulch Magic

Aside from making an attractive ground cover for garden spots where you’ve got exposed soil instead of grass, mulch can also help keep weeds away. Like all plants, they need adequate light to flourish. This isn’t possible when you’ve tucked your budding beauties into a bed of mulch that only allows the plants you love to see the light of day. Mulching drowns out unwanted intruders while preserving moisture and providing soil nutrients as it begins to break down later in the season.

Manual Weed Removal

If you don’t mind digging in the dirt, here are a few tips on how to get the most of your work. For flowering weeds like dandelions, chopping off their heads will prevent them from further pollenation. But if you want to ensure they’re gone forever, make sure you’re wielding your trusty trowel to dig up the entire plant by the roots. Completely removing the root system utterly prevents the plant from regenerating. If you’ve only got a few foes to conquer, this is an effective way to get them gone forever.

preventing weeds in lawnConclusion

Keeping your yard clear of unsightly weeds can be tackled in many ways. Be sure you reach out to our professionals at TLC Landscapes for additional help and info, and let us know if you’d rather we do the work for you! We’re happy to help with our affordable lawn maintenance  and weed control services.  



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    I like a well maintained lawn that's for sure. Although I am honestly not sure how to effectively do it on my own, probably because of the lack of time for lawn care and weed control thus I would entrust it to the experts. Looking into cost effective suppliers and hoping TLC landscapes would be a great fit!

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