Fall Lawn Care Schedule

Fall landscaping lawn careFall is a time when you just want to put the lawn mower away and take a break from your lawn care schedule unless you live in a relatively warm area all year long. Our fall lawn care schedule includes a couple of things you can do during fall and even in the harshest winter to ensure a beautiful, lush yard when spring rolls around again.

Steps for Fall Lawn Care

  1. Aerate, fertilize, and mow your lawn before the first freeze of the season.
  2. Rake off dead fallen leaves on your yard to avoid wet spots that may become moldy or mossy.
  3. Keep the lawn clear of debris and prevent foot traffic in the yard while it is dormant.

Fertilizing in Fall

Late fall and early winter are the best times to apply a winterizer fertilizer for warm season grasses. Give your lawn a thorough feeding before the first freeze. Feeding to replace all the nutrients that could have been lost from the soil during the hot summer months. As soon as the weather turns cold, the fertilizer will remain in the soil underneath the snow and give nutrient to your lawn all winter long.

To get on a fertilizing schedule contact TLC Landscapes or request a quote online.

Mowing Strategies

Lawn mowing in the fall scheduleGradually cut your grass shorter. If you leave your lawn too tall during the winter months, it will attract field mice and other burrowing animals that want a warm place to sleep. These animals will destroy your lawn by pulling up large amounts of grass to build nests and also create dead spots where they spend all of their time.

Keep it Clean

Clear the lawn of all objects such as stray logs, toys, and even lawn furniture before the first snow comes. It’s easy for items to be left and forgotten on the lawn during the fall and winter seasons. When no one goes outside very often, creating dead spots and patches which could stunt growth in spring.

Avoid Excessive Lawn Traffic

People can be easily forget that grass shouldn’t be walked on. Prevent foot traffic on your winter lawn as much as possible. Follow these steps during the fall, and you’re guaranteed a beautiful yard in spring.

You Yard Can Use a Little TLC

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    Great tips i didnt realize i was supposed to cut my grass shorter for winter. Im going to tell my family about this too.

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