Fast Growing Trees

landscaped-yardOur land is covered in myriad different tree species, and they’ve always played an integral role in human life. With an ever-increasing human population, it’s important that we continue nurturing our natural environment to maintain healthy ecosystems.

Wood is used for a vast number of products, including books, furniture, and architecture. If you want to be proactive in the ongoing efforts to replenish the trees in your environment, it’s helpful to know which breeds grow quickly. Even if you just want to plant a couple of trees to beautify your landscape, we can help you explore the types that offer quick results.

Giant Sequoia

This fantastic tree, with its mammoth size, grows impressively fast. For its first ten years of growth, it boasts 4 to 6 feet of height per year. From there on, this lengthy beauty offers an added 2 feet annually for the next 30 years.

Hybrid Poplar

The Hybrid Poplar is known as shade tree, making it popular in urban regions that have a lot of buildings. This fast-growing tree can reach full maturity within five years. Its rapid growth makes it a top pick for lumber harvesting.

Leyland Cypress

The remarkably rapid growth of this breed makes Leyland Cypress an incredible tree. Its ability to thrive in a variety of climates and soil conditions makes it a favorite in many regions. The Leyland Cypress is sometimes harvested as Christmas trees, and is often used in public parks, as its foliage make for an effective windbreaker.

American Sycamore

American Sycamores are widely used both in parks and in residential lawns. This tree can grow 6 ft per year and can reach heights of 70 feet or more. These towering beauties are loved for their ability to quickly provide shade to frequently used outdoor spaces.

Weeping Willow Tree

This rapid grower can reach full maturity within only three years, making it a great shade tree. Even fully matured Willows can continue to gain a full eight feet of height for several years to come. Their unique appearance makes them a great choice for public and private landscaping.


Whether your tree planting project is public or personal, you have some great choices. Be sure you consult an expert to pick a breed that fares well with your local climate and shade cover.


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  1. ReplyTiff
    Not only do they grow quickly, but the growth rate can increase from one year to the next! Thanks for your comments, Carrie. Glad you found the info helpful!
  2. ReplyCarrieBean
    Wow ! I had no idea sequoias were fast growing trees ! I thought it was the exact opposite. That's really interesting !

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