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Providing your lawn and plants with the proper type of fertilizer, in the correct amounts and at the right time, is crucial for that vibrant lush green lawn. We provide both an annual treatment plan to guarantee the results you are looking for, or individual applications at your request.

Weekly lawn care Prosper, TX
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Good lawn fertilization builds strong grass and will help your lawn bounce back more quickly and evenly after the cold winter months with a denser grass cover. You won’t see any patchy or thin spots in your lawn when your soil and grass roots are well fed.

Eliminate Weeds & Strengthen Your Roots​

Individual Fertilizer Treatments – $49.50+tax

$50 Discount on Annual Weed and Feed Program – $349.50+tax –  Includes 6 applications.

We will spot spray any visible weeds. With proper lawn fertilization, you will not need to worry about your lawn looking dead in hot weather. A healthy, properly fertilized lawn will make good use of the water and nourishment it is provided to stay robust and thrive throughout the hot summer months.

Fertilizer Applications will be scheduled around these times…

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