When to Fertilize Your Lawn in Texas

lawn fertilizationThe lawn fertilization schedule you develop for your lawn should take into consideration factors such as where you live and the amount of shade or sunshine it gets. It is important that you note the factors that are specific to your lawn and incorporate them in your program. The following tips are meant to give you a bit of a heads up on when to fertilize your lawn in Texas.

TLC Landscapes can take care of your lawn fertilization 2-6 times per year.  Call us to set up your feeding schedule. 

How Often Should You Fertilize?

Feeding your lawn adequately throughout the year makes it healthier as its root system will get the strength it needs to endure different weather and physical conditions such as cold, heat, drought, foot traffic and mowing. Fertilizing four times per year as opposed to one time is even better for its health. Here are the best times of the year you could choose to apply the fertilizer.

  1. Early Spring (February to April)
    It is a given that your lawn will awaken from its winter sleep as hungry as a bear coming out of hibernation. Feeding your lawn in early spring will strengthen its roots and get it off to a good start.
  2. Late Spring (April to June)
    Your lawn is busy growing and using up its stored energy and can certainly do with more than one feeding during Spring. Consider using a combination of an appropriate weedicide (for weed control) and fertilizer.
  3. Summer (June to August)
    The heat, drought, foot traffic and insects associated with summer can be hard on lawns. A well-fed lawn will be better able to handle the summer stress.
  4. Fall (September to November)
    Fall comes with favorable conditions such as cool nights, sufficient rainfall and the refreshing morning dew that lawns love. So why fertilize? At this point your lawn is ready to regrow and recover from the summer stress so it will be looking for the nutrients it needs to help it out. Give it its final feed right before winter sets in when it will once again be preparing itself for a long winter sleep. This feeding will help strengthen the roots and increase its nitrogen storage which will help it spring back to life when the winter begins to fade.

Use these feeding tips to develop a feeding schedule for your lawn and you will not be disappointed.

TLC Landscapes can take care of your lawn fertilization 2-6 times per year.  Call us to set up your feeding schedule. 




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  1. ReplyKat Mc cabe
    Very helpful! Fertilizing is very confusing but you explained it very well.
  2. ReplyR. Freeman
    This is excellent information for the lawn care newbie. I had no idea when to fertilize. Last year, I honestly did not fertilize at all! This year I did not know to fertilize in the beginning of spring. I only fertilized because my well broke and we had to make repairs leaving the property without water for three days after I had newly laid sod. Almost all of it started to die and my original lawn from last year was even struggling to go that long in extreme heat without water. Not one drop of moisture or rain in those three days, of course! I crossed my fingers and hoped that a fertilizer would help save the grass and all the seed that had been put on the original lawn and it did thankfully. I never thought that fertilizer required a schedule so this is must have information. Thank you!
  3. ReplyKay
    These are great tips. I never thought about fertilizing my lawn 4 times a year but this fertilizing schedule makes a lot of sense. It makes me think of deep condition hair. The more care you take, the better it grows. I always try my best to keep up my lawn, these tips are definitely helpful!

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