Fruit Tree Landscape Design

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orchardFancy having fruit trees and a beautiful well constructed landscape, but you do not have a thing for big trees? Perhaps you’d rather not have a tree branch hitting your house during a storm or blocking your view? Imagine how amazing it will be to have a fruit tree landscape design with your favorites fruits. Landscape and fruit trees lovers have now discovered a way to combine having fruit trees that are not big trees.

What does it mean for someone looking for landscape ideas along these lines?

For fruit tree landscape design options, you should have fruit tree planting that utilizes dwarf trees and potted plant fruit trees. As good as full sized trees, dwarf or small fruit trees are your best bet if you would rather not deal with full grown trees.

Does this mean that dwarf trees are not full grown?

Nope, dwarf trees are fully grown. They just grow to a small size, thus these small trees have the same fruits and tastes as the full grown size. From your citrus fruits (oranges, lemons, tangerines, grapefruit, etc), as well as various berries (goose berry, black and red currant, blue berries,mulberries), exotic mangos, plum, red cherries apricots and plums with pepinos, you have a wide range of your favorite and some exotic and foreign new fruit trees to pick from.

What does this mean for your landscape choice?

With the small sized fruit trees landscape design options, however you can have limited space. They can be grown for ornamental purposes and consumption purposes. Imagine your favorite fruit trees decoratively arranged in plant pots, vases or around your garden. Sitting pretty with fruits and filling your courtyard with amazing fragrances.

When you have decided to proceed with the fruit tree landscape design option. It is best to engage the services of a professional landscape design artist. With a professional you get the right advice on the location, how best to utilize your space. The best soil type for each fruit tree, and the proper care of each fruit tree.  This includes the right containers to use, also the placements of your fruit trees and a whole lot more. 

Also keep in mind the amount of shade your trees might provide. Some lawns need full sun for grass to grow and keep up with proper lawn maintenance.


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    Oohh i kind of want to get some dwarf trees now after reading this. I think i can handle it.

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