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Fertile Soil Is The Key To Healthy Plants.

Home Garden Soil TestingGardening and lawn care is science, and sometimes growing isn’t producing like it used to. Having a constant healthy soil requires maintenance to keep your soils nutrient rich.  To begin treatment of your soil, you must know how is soils nutrient contents.  You can start by using home garden soil testing.

Soil testing is needed for any plants in your lawn and garden.

  • Turfgrass or Sod does need regular lawn mowing and maintenance.  Soil tests will let you know which fertilizer to use or what amendments to add to soil.
  • Landscaping plants like hedges and Shrubs.
  • Fruits & vegetables
  • Perennial and annual flowers

Soil pH and nutrient levels vary greatly from plant to plant. All have specific nutritional requirements, therefore guessing about nutritional needs usually will be off and lead to unhealthy soils. Having your soil tested reveals the quantities of soil nutrients that are present. Know what your soils needs will allow you to make the proper adjustments to the soil and produce a healthier plant.

The soil test will measure soil pH, the levels of phosphorus, potassium, calcium, and magnesium and will also make a nitrogen recommendation.

Where To Get Your Soil Tested

The best way to test your soil is to send a samples to a local Cooperative Extension Service (CSREES) or commercial soil laboratory. The best time to test soil is in the spring, before you add any compost or other amendments, although you can test soil any time. Lab tests usually cost around $20. Commercial lab tests can cost over $100. These test can be more thorough depending on the amount of information you request.

You can also purchase Soil test Kits from local lawn and garden store online from sites like Amazon. Kits from soil labs provide instructions for collecting soil samples and a mailing container for returning the soil.

Test results will indicate your soil’s current pH and nutrient content, and will tell you what to add to achieve the correct pH and nutrient levels. Some labs will also tell you what type of soil you have and how much organic material your soil contains.

DIY Soil Test Kits


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  1. ReplyMichael Allen
    I had no idea there was a cheaper option! The company I spoke with wanted $80 for basic soil testing. I think that is all I need. I just moved to a new home and wanted to check how healthy it was before I started working in the yard. Thank for the information. I will be looking into my options for a Cooperative Extension Service on Monday.

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