How Long To Water Grass

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Your Grass and H2O

waterMany factors and stipulations play a part in an environmentally friendly lawn irrigation device, and all contribute to the development of a desirable watering schedule. How long to water grass and how regularly to water? This would be an easy question if there isn’t so many factors and variables that come into play. Here are a few of the factors to consider:

  1. Rate or Speed Of Water Penetration / Rate and Speed Of Water Loss – Depends on how much water is applied or how much water has been absorbed. With regular lawn mowing and aeration, your lawn will absorb water efficiently.
  2. Soil Water Holding Capacity – Clay soils do not hold water very well, as opposed to sandy soils that do well.
  3. Depth Of Grass Root System – Some grasses cut too low will have shallow roots.

How long to water grass?

The easy answer to “How long to water grass?” is – When your grass/lawn needs it!
When the soil dries out, the grass will slowly commence wilting, alternate coloration and the grass when walked on does now not spring back.
As we have realized the roots of grass are tons longer than 3 to 6 inches, so deep watering as soon as each week assists get the moisture and water deep down into the soil.

Deep watering once per week will possibly take 2 to 3 hours permitting the water to soak down deep into the soil slowly. Watering on day by day or every other day has its downsides.
Onе inch оf water оn the surface of 100 square feet of a lawn will equal about 60 gallons. Common sprinklers under “normal pressure” will  run about 2 hours to put down 1″ of water on a lawn.
To measure water distribution place coffee cans or something similar to record water levels in an hour.

The hazards of watering every day lightly.

  • More usual water use
  • Lawn develops shallow root system
  • Lawn drys out quickly
  • Soil compaction – Heavy clay soils or thatch build will keep water from penetrating deep roots.  Core aeration is a good remedy for this issue.
  • Salt buildup from lack of water now not leaching and shifting thru soil

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  1. ReplyProlificAshley
    I have killed my grass with over watering, I think I have to take caution on how water my grass.I love the way the admin put this article together, Thanks
  2. ReplySandra Dove
    As, I am reading this article, I think the grass of my lawn is slowing down a little now. I didn’t know exactly what the reason was, but after reading your article I have come to know that we are ourselves responsible for this. We have been watering our lawn every day . I am sure, following your instructions and getting the perfect formula for watering will give the optimal results. Thank you, this is really big help for us

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