How To Make a Pallet Garden Bed

Everywhere you look now a days you see certain life hacks that people post in social media.  These life hacks are really easy to follow and can usually be completed with some effort and a little bit of money.  It should come as no surprise that many people in social media have become enamored with using pallets. Pallets commonly are used for commercial storage, transport, and distribution centers across the globe. Most companies end up throwing away or recycling their excess pallets.  This is where people will take advantage of the over excess of pallets and use them for free lumber, building materials, and multitude of different uses.  One of those uses is, how to make a pallet garden bed for almost nothing.

Where to find pallets?

Scrap pallets, commonly known as pallet “cores”, can be found in a great variety of places where pallets are emptied, or where they are disposed of. Here are few suggestions where to find for free pallets:

  • Small businesses
  • Construction sites & Manufacturing or processing plants
  • Trucking terminals & Air freight forwarders
  • Schools, Hotels and restaurants
  • Landfills & Recycling companies
  • or other online or print ads offering free pallet removal

Be sure to avoid pallets that have been chemically treated with Methyl Bromide. Methyl Bromide is a chemical that has been soaked into to wood and could seep into your garden. Choosing heat treated wood is much safer on the environment. More information on chemically treated pallets.

Creating the Garden

*See the full Youtube video from #3

To create a pallet gardening, all you need is a wood pallet or pallets depending on the size, some good soil, and a few seeds. Using a wood pallet to start a garden can be a great space saver and time saver.

  1. One of the many uses for a pallet is to stand it upright along a fence or a wall and use it as plantar holder. Its a cheap and easy shelf for small potted plants.
  2. Creating a simple pallet garden is as easy as laying down a pallet in a spot with lots of sun.  Filling the pallet with top soil or compost then transferring your seeds or bulbs. Be sure to remove any weeds or place on top of a mulch ground cover.
  3. Some folks are creating a pallet garden on a larger scale by using whole pallets for an elevated garden bed. For a great example check out this *Youtube link here.
  4. The most time consuming method is the break down the pallet into planks. Then rebuild into a custom design garden bed.  Adding a this to your landscape might be extra work, but you have more options and can mix in different materials to complete the build.

The pallet craze is a good life hack of sorts, thus I hope you are more prepared on how to make a pallet garden bed. Be sure to choose your pallets wisely and get some help loading and unloading the wooden pallets.  Work safe and have fun building your garden.

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