Landscaping for New Homes

  • landscaping for new homes
    New Home
    A blank canvas for creating the landscaped home of your dreams.
  • landscaping for new homes
    Creating Curb Appeal
    The first thing people will see with your new home is the curb from the street. Landscape the curb appropriately.
  • Landscaping for New Homes
    Swimming pool
  • landscaping for new homes
    Landscaping a Playground
    Family friendly landscaping includes creating a place for kids to play.
  • landscaping for new homes
    Pet Friendly Landscaping

When you purchase a new home, the builder usually includes newly planted sod, a sapling in the front yard and not much else.  This essentially provides you with a blank canvas for landscaping your new home.  Where to begin landscaping for new homes?

Know Your Soil Conditions

Landscaping for new homesBefore you start breaking ground and building your garden beds, you should also check your soil for issues.  Your soils play a key role in planting around your home.

  • Impacted & Clay Soil – If your soil is compacted or a clay soil, then you might have issues growing plants efficiently.   These soils harder and more difficult for your plant’s root system to set in deep into the soil.
  • Mineral deficient soil – If your soil is lacking nitrogen and other minerals, then your plants will not grow to their potential.  Soil tests and soil amendments can alleviate these problems.  It can be as simple as adding a specific fertilizer to improve soil quality.
  • Drainage and Irrigation  – A variety of issues can arise from soil that does not drain well. Water pooling can cause your grass no grow correctly in addition to attracting weeds and fungus that love moisture.  Installing addition drainage would help solve this problem

Landscape Planning For Your New Home

Planning a landscape is also what you personally want to implement. A few factors to consider to when designing your dream landscape around your new home. Click here to visit our landscaping service page!

  • The layout of your property – It may be tempting to plant that veggie garden of your dreams right after closing on the house, but be sure you have a reason to plant there. Does the spot receive lots of direct sunlight? Is it well-drained  or have an uphill slope?
  • Type of fencing around your property – Some fences are tall enough for privacy, but many may not be.  Choosing some tall evergreen shrubs would offer a great wall of privacy against nosy neighbors.
  • Trees and Water features – Some new homes have a pool option and you should carefully landscape around your pool.  Plants and trees that produce a large amount of debris can damage pool filters and cleaning filters.  Choose pool friendly plants and tree for landscaping around your pool.probly charly
  • Kids friendly landscaping – The family home is not complete with a place for the kids to play outside.  Playgrounds and jungle gyms are becoming popular choices for families.
  • Pet friendly yard – It is wise to keep as small section for your dogs to handle their business.  Keeping there spots isolated save time and clean up.  Who likes having to play in a yard full of poo?
  • Landscaping Social Features – Do you like to have guest over for parties or hanging our by the pool? Outdoor kitchens and fire pits are very popular these days,
  • Designing your landscape – Once you have established what you have to work with and what you would like to incorporate into your landscape. It is time to start the landscape design.

Start With Garden Beds And Trees

Section off the area where you are placing your garden bed or beds.  Great areas to start are usually along the front of the house, following a walkway, and around tree placed in the middle of a yard. Also placement around features like pools, mailboxes and fence lines.

Mulch and Ground Covers

Mulch is a great ground cover for garden beds that not only looks good, but also keeps soil from drying out. Place mulch with a two-inch layer through your garden beds.  There is wide array of mulch available but plan on phasing it out in a few years if possible because repeated mulching will deplete the soil of nutrients and cost more money down the line.

A great alternative to mulch is a good, weed suppressing ground cover.  Mondo grass, creeping phlox and Japanese forest grass are great options. Grow them along the edge of your borders pathways.

Planters and Elevated Garden Beds

Using Planters offer a variety of decorative options. Planters can be moved from location to locations with minimal effort.  Elevated garden beds are both functional and aesthetic. When you have limited space or have a sharp incline, creating a tiered or multilevel garden is quite helpful.

Outdoor Comforts

Many new homeowners want to have the comfort of the inside of your home outdoors.  Modern homes have quality features for you to enjoy your outdoor landscape year round.

  • Fire pits – During a cool night, sitting by the fire and sharing stories or telling jokes.  Sounds fun!
  • Outdoor Kitchens – The hassle of having to move inside and out of your home to the back yard and patio is somewhat of headache. The convenience of an outdoor kitchen is luxury to have and enjoy.
  • Patios and Pergollas – Creating a living space outdoors with full size outdoor furniture and accent tables.  Locate next to or away from your home.

The options are vast and nearly unlimited for creating your personal landscaped home.  Don’t worry if you don’t think you can handle a project of this magnitude.  Professional landscaping design & installation services are available to help create your vision.



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  1. ReplyRichard M.
    Excellent advice and tips. I found that the best thing you can do is start by testing your soil. It will give you a better understanding of the conditions as well as what you can plant. Some places, you may need to add in minerals or supplements to your lawn in order to grow certain flowers, trees, and bushes. I ended up hiring someone after I struggled to get my lawn and general landscape to look how I wanted. It actually saved me money.

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