Landscaping with Rocks Instead of Mulch

Both rocks and mulch have their disadvantages and their advantages. Although, a lot of land owners make use of mulch for their landscaping, that is not always the best solution.  Read on to learn more…

Landscaping can be done using both rocks and mulch.

Using rocks for landscaping can be very beneficial. Landscaping with rocks brings permanent solution rather than the use of mulch which decays over time.  Here are a few Pinterest ideas.landscaping-combinations

Rocks although they are not to be applied in every area of your garden, they can be very advantageous when it comes to landscaping. They add color and texture to your garden. They also hold up heat which makes the soil to be dry at night and helps to heat up the plant during the day.

One problem people face with landscaping is that they are unaware of how to landscape with rock. In this post, we will be treating extensively how you can landscape with rocks and the benefits of doing that instead of the mulch.

How to landscape with rock instead of mulch


Do you need a landscape that will not give you much of a stress? Here is the fastest way to landscape with rock

The first step is to cover the area that you are to landscape with rock with fabrics and cut a slit to give room for a tree or plant that has been in existence there to grow.

Another thing to do is to make provision for a wedge to hold the rock in place to avoid it being displaced by other trees and plants that will be growing out. You can use edging for this or a landscape staple.

After you must have done this, you can now add the rocks on the landscape using the wedge to hold it in place. The rocks should be about 4 inches deep.

Ensure that the rocks are not posing danger to the plants and trees’ growth. If the rocks are placed on the stem and trunk, it can prevent them from growing appropriately. They should be a bit far from the plants

Advantages of using the rock for your landscaping in place of mulching

Some of the reasons you need to use rock for your landscaping include:

  1. Durability: Landscaping with rocks has a longer life than that of the mulch. With time, mulching will wash away but the rocks will last forever.
  2. Adds beauty to your garden: If you have ever seen a garden that was landscaped with rocks, you will see how beautiful the garden will look.
  3. It is cost effective: When you consider this from the surface, you might not agree with me. You will discover that although the rocks are more expensive to install; once it is installed, you might not need to change it over a long time. However, it is not so with mulching as they decompose fast and you have to replace it and thereby spending extra cash for it.
  4. Rocks also seem to conserve water better than mulching will do. It can help you to reduce loss of water.
  5. Another benefit of landscaping with rocks is that it helps you to control weed which is not possible with mulch.

In summary, landscaping with rock can be beneficial when applied rightly and using the right materials.

Try it out on your garden today and enjoy the benefits afterward. Call us for a free quote.


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  1. ReplyOscar Morrison
    It's helpful to know that rocks should be about 4 inches deep to be effective. My wife and I want to landscape our front yard in a way that can last for a long time. Putting rocks in the flower bed could help reduce the amount of maintenance we have to do up there.
  2. ReplyOlivia Pearson
    I appreciate how you mentioned that using rock in your landscaping is beneficial because it will last a long time. I think it's so important when investing in a garden to make sure you acquire durable materials so you don't have to replace them frequently. My husband and I are thinking about remodeling our garden, and we want to make sure we find sustainable products to use. We'll have to find some wholesale beach pebbles that we can use to not only enhance our garden's beauty, but ensure that it stay beautiful for years to come.
  3. ReplyKourtney Jensen
    My husband and I are in the process of building a new home, and we know it will be important to design a good landscape as well as a good design for the home. I like how you point out that landscaping with rocks brings a permanent solution rather than the use of mulch. We will have to look for a company that provides these reputable landscape rocks.
  4. ReplyBethany Birchridge
    I never took into account that having rocks as part of your landscaping could help the plants maintain the correct temperature and moisture. My friend loves to garden, so I think adding rocks to more sensitive desert plants could be very beneficial. I also really liked that this article mentioned how that rocks help conserve water better than mulching.
  5. ReplyTodd Stauffer
    I like how you said that landscaping with decorative rock means that it will last for a longer period of time. My wife and I are looking at ways to decorate our backyard and I think that maybe this would be a good idea. We'll have to look into getting some nice stones to throw around strategically.

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