Lawn Irrigation For Your Landscape

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sprinkler setupLawn irrigating  for your landscape provides an efficient and water conserving system. Maintaining your lawn and landscapes watering needs is essential. During the summer months water restrictions are common during droughts or period of below average rainfall. Not only in time of drought, but also when you have too much rainfall. Consequently your yard cannot absorb anymore water or runoff is eroding your soil. Good irrigation is about balance and controlling water through out your landscape.

Benefits of a Sprinkler System:

  1. An automated irrigation sprinkler system ensures watering times for your landscape or garden.
  2. Sprinkler systems ensures that your landscape and all your plants get the right amount of water.
  3. Less chance you risk of over-watering or under-watering areas of your landscape.
  4. Saves Money: No longer needing a garden hose and other extra watering tools.
  5. Greener grass and healthier plants will help improve your property’s value.
  6. Less run-off.  Automated sprinkler system can reduce this amount of wasted water.

Le’ French Drain

french drainsA French drain is a trench drainage system carefully filled with gravel or rock and perforated piping. French drains are preferred and recommended lawn drainage systems because the French drain pipes eliminate undesirable, free-standing water, distributing or redirecting ground and surface water to a well-established drain-off area.

Benefits of a French Drain:

  1. Durable & cost-effective.
  2. Superior water drainage performance.
  3. Relieve ground water pressure.
  4. Protect landscape & building foundations.
  5. Custom designed French drain system.
  6. Installed based on your property.
  7. Controls soil erosion.

Using Drip Irrigation System

drip irrigationDrip system targets water directly at the roots of trees, plants, flowers and foliage. Efficient Drip irrigation provides the best results in water efficiency and water conservation. The dripped lines distribute water slowly and is absorbed into your soil evenly for optimal growth and a healthy landscape.

The Benefits of Installing a Drip Irrigation System:

  1. Water is distributed slowly and exactly where needed at the root of the plant without high pressure.
  2. Less evaporation on the surface level of your landscape and savings on your water bill.
  3. The soil surface between plants remains drier, discouraging weed growth across your landscape.
  4. Smaller amounts of water distributed evenly over time provides ideal landscape growth conditions.
  5. Environment friendly: Saves water; drip irrigation systems uses water than conventional watering methods.
  6. No manual watering as the drip irrigation system waters for you.
  7. Adaptability: Drip irrigation systems are easy to install and use with other systems.

If you are looking for a cost-effective, efficient, and long-term landscaping solution, contact TLC Landscape and ask about our Landscaping Services and Specials. We’re here to help you get your new sprinkler system up and running within the shortest amount of time possible. Contact us to see how we can improve your property’s value and irrigation performance today!

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  1. ReplyTim Yaotome
    Wow! I never knew that one can opt for either a French drain or drip irrigation to keep one's plants watered. My question is how should one maintain either type during the colder months of the year? Should they be hidden or kept out in the cold?
  2. ReplyRidley Fitzgerald
    It's good to know more about irrigation systems. We're looking at having one put in our new home's yard, so thanks for the information about our options. The drip system seems great because it's better for our bill saves water!
  3. ReplyMillie Hue
    When we move to our new house, we will look for experts to help us install an irrigation system for our lawn. My husband and I have no idea with those kinds of job, so we thought that it would be easier for us to hire a contractor. It's interesting that getting an irrigation system would lead to a better-looking landscape growth condition since the water is sprayed to the grass in smaller amounts. I can't wait to see my lawn grow beautifully. Thanks!
  4. ReplySariah
    Since I am the one who does our landscaping, I actually am considering drip irrigation service to save money. This article provides the advantages and benefits of using the system. Thanks for this informative post!
  5. ReplyR. Freeman
    Irrigation is an issue that I am currently trying to get a handle on. Right now, I am using a hose with a sprinkler and I cannot say that it is easy. I am constantly having to move the hose and the sprinkler, which requires adjusting the sprinkler frequently. I am considering how to install a sprinkler system and exploring the different heads in order to determine what should work best. I started my landscaping from scratch and I will have a variety of different areas and zones, some of which I have not yet determined therefore I am trying to factor that into how to begin the system of pipes but where to cap off so I can add more later. Drip irrigation is something I am becoming very interested in as a gardener. I would like to figure out how to add these to my sprinkler system setup in a variety of planting beds in addition to my garden because we get very hot, dry summers sometimes and watering the tops of some plants causes them to burn in the summer sun. An entire post on drip irrigation would be great!

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