With TLC Landscapes, Lawn Maintenance is not just mowing, but also edging, cleanup, trimming and following a fertilization schedule, treating conditions such as lawn disease and weeds.

Lawn mowing

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Weekly or Bi-Weekly Lawn Mowing

Weekly lawn mowing is recommended during the warm season as this will help keep your grass roots strong and lively.

  • Mowing grass that has grown too tall results in cutting too much length off the grass blades, which can result in a brown or yellowish discoloration of the lawn.
  • Longer grass clippings can also contribute to an underlying condition called “thatch” that creates a carpet of clippings near the base of the grass preventing water, oxygen and nutrients from reaching the grass roots.
  • Cutting grass to short will prevent the lawn from absorbing sunlight. Sunlight feeds the grass to naturally produce chlorophyll, that feeds the grass and roots.
  • Lawn Clean up is vital as well to keep from thatch build to retaining moisture that leads to fungus growth.

Bi-weekly mowing is preferred in the off season, cooler months, when the grass doesn’t grow as much.

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