How to Create Lawn Mowing Patterns

Do It Yourself Lawn Striping

lawn mowing patterns

There is no big secret in lawn mowing patterns that make beautiful stripes on your lawn that’ll make your grass look like ballpark turf. Similar to  the fields you see in college and professional sports stadiums. Don’t worry because it’s really not too hard to make stripes in your lawn.  Here’s how.

The Way Striping Works

Your lawn mowing patterns will create the basic pattern, but the next step is what the professionals do to make their patterns more pronounced. The secret is to bend the grass blades further, and you can do that with a lawn roller.  You’ll see a dramatic difference.The effect of stripes you see on a lawn or playing field is simply light reflecting off the grass blades. Blades bent towards you look dark, while those bent the opposite way look lighter. The same effect is seen with normal mowing, and creating patterns just takes it a step further. To get the blades to bend, you’ll need a striping kit for your mower or a roller. You can buy a striping kit online or construct one using a filled PVC pipe, or a door mat attached to the back of the lawn mower.

Pattern Choices

Before you start, decide on the pattern you want to create. It may help to make a sketch of how the pattern will fit the layout of your lawn. The possibilities are practically endless, but stripes, checkerboards, and diamonds are the most common patterns.

Watch Where You’re Mowing

lawn patternUnless you’re purposely creating a wavy pattern, take care to mow in a straight line. Start by mowing parallel to a straight sidewalk or driveway. To keep mowing straight, look at least 10 feet in front of you while you mow, rather than at the ground right in front of the mower. When you come to the end of a row, lift the mower deck as you turn, then mow in the opposite direction next to your previous pass. To create a checkerboard, mow the lawn a second time at 90 degrees to your first mowing. Finish by mowing a strip around the edges of the lawn.


Additional Striping Tips

To create a vivid pattern, mow high. Mowing at the highest setting creates softer grass that bends over easily. A shorter grass blade will not bend over as far, and the pattern will not be as noticeable. Raising the mowing height even a half-inch can make a difference. Finally, always mow with a sharp blade for a nice, healthy cut.

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  1. ReplyAndrew Sams
    I like beautiful designs and patterns but I don't seem to know how to make one. Maybe I'll try the chekerboards in line with the guidelines above. I hope it comes out great and attractive.

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