Lawn Pest Control Tips: How to Do It Right

pest controlDo you like a beautifully managed lawn? Then, it’s vital that you do efficient pest control and lawn maintenance. That’s because when you get pests in your lawn, it’s the same as saying farewell to your plants. The ideal way you can prevent this from occurring is to avoid the pests.

Through having a system which will aid you to avoid pests in your lawn, you’ll be able to prevent uncontrollable and unwanted pests from affecting and roaming the plants in your lawns. For that, below are some tips you can use on how you can stop this from happening:

Maintain and Clean Your Lawn

Clean your yard very well. If you don’t clean your yard on a regular basis, you’ll experience these issues with pests. That’s because there will always water, shelter, and food which they can get access to. After you clean your lawn, you can prevent having issues with pests.

Remove the piles of sticks and leaves which are scattered across the lawn. Mow them as well, so it becomes nice, and the grass is always short. Remove the rocks in the lawn so pests won’t have a place to crawl under. What’s more, cut your bushes so there will be fewer places for them to hide.

Another lawn pest control tip includes using ultrasonic pest repellers. But how do ultrasonic pest repellers work?

Using Ultrasonic Pest Repellers

In case you didn’t know yet, ultrasonic pest repellers are devices which emit high-frequency sounds. They are made to repel, injure or kill pests like insects and rodents. The ultrasonic devices are plugged into the electrical receptacle outlets of a home that emit high-frequency sounds which are disruptive to pests.

Do ultrasonic pest repellers work? Research developed to study the effectiveness of the pest repellent have concluded mixed outcomes. One test done by Kansas State University found that the devices were efficient at repelling some insects like crickets. However, it has less impact on cockroaches.

If you’re planning to use this electronic pest repellent, you must keep tracking them. That’s because the best outcomes for both insects and rodents come from utilizing ultrasonic pest repellents together with trapping.

Further, you must expect fewer returns, as pests like rodents become familiar to the sound of those ultrasonic devices. Thus, outcomes might be temporary. Ultimately, make sure you’ve set a realistic expectation. It won’t guarantee a complete eradication of insect and rodent pests.

Natural Pest Control

If you’d want to have a more natural way of eliminating pests, you can attract some pest predators. One great pest predator you can invite are birds. Just ensure you don’t let bird seeds distribute on the ground because that will attract other animals as well.

Pest Repellant

You could also take advantage of repellants for lawn pest control. That’s a typical alternative since repellants can impact the smelling capability of pests.

You could also ask for some tips and advice from a pest control company, particularly when treating your lawn with rodents and other pests.


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