Lifts for Your Lawn Mower When Cutting Grass

little elm lawn mowingThe smell of freshly cut grass in the morning when the heat of the sun is only just starting to warm up the back garden ready for a scorcher of a day is something that can only be experienced by sitting on the veranda, eyes closed and a hot coffee next to you.

You might be in your slippers and dressing gown still, but the moment forgives you and allows you to breathe it all in.

Hubby walks over, after being up for a few hours already getting the work done, and you both look at how great the lawn looks all trim and neat like a fresh cut at the hairdressers.

Lawnmowers in general.

What is a lawnmower then? In less ‘dictionary version words’ it is a machine with blades that rotate and cuts grass at an even height. Or if you need more than that, not me though, you can click here for an in-depth explanation into all its glory and history, including types and blades.
I will say though that the first mower that came onto the scene was way back in 1830 by a gentleman from England looking to cut his day shorter of cutting grass of sports fields in half the time. And who can blame him? Those things are huge. Nowadays of course it’s much more advanced, and we’ll get into that later.

How to choose a lawnmower.

Having a lawn mower is a no brainer if you have any patch of grass around your home, but the right tool for the job is going to determine which to purchase.
Smaller lawns, say just in the front of the house, will suffice with a manual compact push mower, it takes up minimal space in storage and gives you a quick workout. It is easy to maneuver around the garden ornaments and pots I’m sure the wife has put out and gives a precise clean line.

Medium sized garden you’re looking at an electric version, with EU safety regulations most come with short cords so you will need an extension lead. These make trimming the lawn a breeze and get the job done in no time at all. They usually have a bag attached to the back to collect the clippings and it detaches with ease to empty in the bin.

Then there are the petrol mowers, for those of you who have the money to have a home with a rather large garden, or gardens in some cases. Using a petrol one is advantageous for the large areas as it doesn’t need a cord and you can mow the complete 100metre space without worrying about being sling shot back into the house.

They are considerably bigger as they are heavy, but this shouldn’t pose a problem for storage if you can afford one to begin with, I’m pretty sure you have the space to pack it away.

Repair vs Replace of a broken lawn mower.

The damage of the mower depends on the length of time you’ve had it, how hard and often you’ve used it and the quality of the original purchased product.

If your mower has decided it has had enough and packed its bags for out of town, the first thing to consider is how new it is. If it’s been your baby and you’ve had it over 10 years, I’d say you need to suck it up and get a new one. The time has come.

You might think it’s possible to repair it, and someone will probably tell you they can, but with all equipment, even with proper maintenance, they eventually break down.

However, if it is a fairly new piece, then repairing is going to save you in the pocket. Problem is, how to get it up to look underneath?

They weren’t exactly built to be rolling over from side to side, cogs and wheels will be falling all over the place and you’ll end up making the situation worse than when you started.

This is where having a mower lift is the solution to you not breaking your back or worse, being squashed by your mower. There are specialized and reasonably priced lifts available, so click here for more information on them, but please don’t try to build some DIY platform that undoubtedly would not pass any safety test. Leave it to the professionals and you focus on the grass designs your wife wants engraved into the front patch.

3 Advantages of mowing the lawn-yes there are some positives.

Relaxing. The suns beating down, it’s quiet on the lakeside and the birds are resting. Strolling back and forth over the grass can send you into a Zen like state, meditating and organizing your thoughts that seem to stress you throughout the week and realizing it’s all going to be ok.

Exercise. Many of us on the 9-5 train barely have time to eat a sit down meal never mind find time to join or even go to a gym, a bi-weekly mow can give you the excuse to have that extra beer on the weekends. It burns calories and usually ends up in a sweat.

Noise and Neighbors. Hiring in a garden company might be quicker, but they have these industrial sized and sounding equipment that’s just too noisy for anyone. And because its manual labor they aren’t’ always cheap. Do it yourself and you’ll save money and keep the neighbors happy.

So, to round it all up, get out your wife’s hair and into the sun. It’s a win-win combination.


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