Outdoor Hardscape Ideas

Let The Hardscaping Begin!

In landscaping a home or business a major part of the design is the hardscaping. Hardscape is the use of solid materials around areas, like patios, fencing and walkways, in addition makes your yard more usable and private. Hardscaping tips and ideas will also help accent your plants, flowers and other softscape elements.

Hardscaping includes:

  1. Concrete – Strategically placed can provide great separations between your hardscape and softscape features.
  2. Brick – Offers many possibilities for your landscaping. Multiple sizes, colors and shapes will only enhance your hardscape design.
  3. Stone –  Variety of looks and style for you to choose from. Aged and rustic to modern and rugged.
  4. Wood – Lumber and dead logs are your medium of choice, but can also be used with stones, brick and concrete to create your dream landscape.
  5. Metal – Sculptures, old machines, iron fences, metal patios are just a few things you can use.
  • Firepit-Hardscape
    What is better than lounging around a warm fire on cool night with family and friends?
  • Smalll-Pond-Hardscape
    the sound of running water is very calming and will make you landscape stand out and enhance the you hardscaped feature as well.
  • Stone-Pathway-Hardscape
    Stone Pathway Hardscape
    Stone pathways are very unique in there own way. Every path leads somewhere and this stone pathway looks like a pleasant to be had.
  • Retaining-Walls-and-Ponds
    Retaining Walls and Ponds
    The large amount of stones used to create this beautiful scene is well worth the cost.
  • Retaining-Walls-and-Staircase
    Retaining Walls and Staircase
    Smaller stone enhances this landscape's flower beds and garden while the large stones create a nice stairway and path.

What’s the difference between hardscape and softscape?

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Not a simple project!

Hardscaping can be labor intensive and a lot of work. With the best weather conditions, hardscaping projects are grueling sometimes even with small projects. This is the reason most projects are started in the early spring and summer months, unless you live in the southern states and this will allow more time to complete some lengthier projects. hardscapeYes, there will be hard work involved, but even some mundane projects can be finished off with an artistic flare.

Hardscaping around a pool ideas

Outdoor hardscaping ideas for projects, take measures to ensure your safety. For example, when lifting heavy stone, you will want to wear a back brace. Likewise, when operating a power saw to cut lumber for a fence, safety glasses are a must. For the really heavy stuff making use of heavy equipment rentals will free you up to undertake the more interesting and artistic aspect of hardscaping.

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  1. ReplyMarcus Coons
    I love the picture of the fireplace and the area that was built around the pit for people to sit. We want to change the style of our hardscape and wanted to get some ideas. It is important to remember that a project like this needs a lot of planning in order to stay within budget and get the look you want.
  2. ReplyElsa Anderson
    I was thinking about having our backyard remodeled soon and updated. Your advice to try out the help of hardscaping as they can add designs and plans that revolve around concrete, bricks, stones, wood, and metal in our yard seems to be quite a nice idea. That should help me expand on possible themes for the project. Thanks!
  3. ReplyVivian Black
    Basically, as your article suggests, hardscaping is like landscaping but dealing with more man-made products or solid materials like stones. That sounds perfect for my needs since we are just about to have our backyard renovated to be a garden soon. Hopefully, we could get a good hardscape contractor to help us create the perfect backyard we are dreaming of. Thanks!
  4. ReplyJoe
    Thanks for sharing! Hardscapes can add such a nice look to any landscape or yard. They truly can make a difference in the style of landscape someone is going for!
  5. ReplySteele Honda
    I totally agree that hardscaping is not that easy as it may seem. I do live in the southern state and have more time to complete hardscape projects, however, I have absolutely no time for it. That is why I consider hiring a professional to help me to make my house area as beautiful as possible!
  6. ReplyR. Freeman
    You are absolutely correct! Hardscaping is very hard work! I bought a pathway maker and although I love it and all the versatile uses it has; it is very hard work. It’s one entire bag of concrete per use and the area where you are putting it must be properly cleared and leveled, which is a lot of labor when you are creating an entire landscape from scratch where there never was one before. Also, I am building a patio with planting beds and raised edges requiring putting in posts, OSB, felt, lathing, and then concrete made to look like stone. The process beyond the leveling and digging is extremely long and hard. I will most likely be working on it until next spring or summer. Any time you can-hire a professional! Great photos on this post!
  7. ReplyJames D.
    Great breakdown for the options here. I am trying to debated on was I want to do by my side door. I live in a ranch style home and the whole area to the side of the door is dead grass that will not grow thanks to my dogs. I am considering all my options and the costs. Thanks for the information! I may be in touche if it proves to be too big of a project.

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