seasonal planting and lawn maintenancePlanting Trees, Shrubs, Flowers and Sod … Oh, my!

We plant trees and shrubs of all sizes as well as install seasonal flowers selected for their heat or cold tolerance, depending on the current growing season.

Sod & Soil Removal

Remove an area large enough to accommodate the roots of the plant. Whenever possible, we will incorporate existing soil into the landscape, however, off-site removal may incur disposal fees.

Plant Removal

The planting area needs to be ready to plant in, with the exception of sod removal. Brush and other debris must be removed prior to the scheduled planting day.

Benefits include:

  • An initial site visit to confirm plant location and access to the site
  • Delivery of selected plant material
  • Proper installation of plant material
  • Soil amendments as needed
  • Top dressing of mulch per plant
  • Care instructions and ongoing professional care

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