Not only does regular lawn maintenance keep your yard looking its best, but also it protects your investment, enhances curb appeal and adds value to the home. It’s no wonder why so many people take great pride in their lawn and landscaping!

Weekly lawn care and successful fertilization Prosper, TX
Request your free quote by calling us directly or filling out a form online. We’ll be happy to build a package for lawn maintenance in Frisco TX that meets your needs and your budget.

Professional Landscaping and Lawn Maintenance in Frisco TX

  • Shrub and tree trimming
  • Lawn Aeration
  • Seasonal planting
  • Fertilization and weed control
  • Landscape solutions

Expect Top Quality Weekly or Bi-weekly Lawn Maintenance in Frisco, TX:

  • Plush, healthy green lawn: A regularly mowed lawn stays consistently green and healthy.
  • Prevention of thatch: When you wait too long to cut your grass, the longer grass will build up right at the soil and grass roots.  This is know as the thatch layer and will choke out healthy grass.
  • Prevention of lawn diseases: When your lawn is cut just right, it maintains the right amount moisture in the roots and is less like to attract mold or fungus.
  • Oxygen, water and nutrients reach the roots:  With proper grass height, de-thatching the sub layers and annual core aerating keeps the roots and root system at 100%
  • Natural insect and weed control: the best weed prevention is to maintain a healthy grass.
  • Spring and fall preparation: Another important factor to maintain a healthy lawn is the fertilization. Also known as a weed and feed schedule.

Be the Best on the Block

If you haven’t been able to give your home the attention it deserves, make a difference by scheduling our weekly or bi-weekly Frisco lawn service. Lawn mowing and edging is one job that has to be done, and we can take the burden from you while ensuring that your lawn will look the best it ever has!