TLC Landscapes works with the highest quality sod in the DFW area. You can count on us for professional, reliable sod installation in McKinney, TX.

Zoysia – Bermuda – St. Augustine

Guaranteed: no pest infestations or diseases in our grasses.

We have all warm season grass available, priced fairly with installation included in the cost.

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"A desire for customer satisfaction is apparent in the way TLC handles and treats their customers. They are very responsive if you need to contact them, and their work has never left me disappointed."
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Rick Benefiel
McKinney, TX 75070

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Benefits of McKinney Sod Installation

  • Instant Lawn: As soon as we’re done installing the sod, your yard is green and beautiful. A seeded lawn takes weeks to come in, and there are other factors you have to balance, such as how well the seeds germinate and how often you water. Plus, seeded lawns are often covered with straw, which can be unattractive.
  • Less Watering than seeds: Once the sod install in McKinney TX is complete, it requires less watering than seeds. This saves on water consumption and cost, and eliminates the responsibility of watering seeded lawn multiple times a day.
  • Ready for Use: Sod is well established, so you can begin using it much earlier than a seeded lawn. You still have to wait a few weeks for playing and trampling, but once this initial period is up, you can begin enjoying your new yard.
  • Cleaner and Neater: After the sod installation, you’ll notice that the grass covers the soil entirely rather than leaving it exposed. This means less dirt and mud carried into the home, which keeps your floors cleaner.

Quality McKinney Sod Service

TLC Landscapes offers a variety of grass choices such as Zoysia, Bermuda and St. Augustine. We’re more than happy to help you select a grass type for your McKinney sod installation, based on your budget and long-term goals. Many grasses grow very well in our warm, sunny climate, so you have several options to choose from!

Need Help Choosing a Grass Type?

You may be unsure of which grass type is best for your lawn.  Do you have a lot of shade or a lot of sun?  What is your soil type?  We go into detail about the grass types that are best for North Texas in this article.