TLC Landscapes has proudly served the Plano, TX area since 1997.  Our full scope of services are available to our customers in this area. 

  1. Weekly Lawn Care – Mowing plans starting at $20 Weekly with no contracts.
  2. Bush and Shrub Pruning – Keeping shrubs and bushes well groomed helps maintain a beautiful yard.
  3. Landscape and Garden Design – Building raised flower beds, creating water features such as ponds and waterfalls.
  4. Sod Installation – Laying fresh turf grass and sod for new home or total yard makeover

If you need help with lawn care or landscaping, please reach out to request a free service quote. You can even do so right now – just click on the button below!

plano texas landscaping
Each link below will take you to more specific pages that outline our various services in greater detail. 

We Want To Serve You Better

TLC Landscapes offers more than just lawn care and landscaping services.  We also put time and effort into our blog articles, an additional means of being as helpful as we possibly can!

Browsing our blog articles is a great way to gain information about common lawn care issues, without having to make a phone call for help every time a question comes to mind. Whether it’s routine items like fertilization schedules, or more focused projects like building a rock garden, we have a wealth of useful and well researched information. 

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