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Guaranteed Quality Sod

TLC Landscapes cares about YOUR LAWN looking good, and we’re dedicated to providing you with the very best value in sod installation.  We guarantee high quality sod grass without weeds, dead spots, disease or pests.

Our sod installation team has over 20 of years experience, and we work with only the highest quality sod in the DFW area. 

Grass Types for Sod Installation

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bermuda sod grass

Bermuda Grass

This warm season grass grows quickly during late spring through fall, and goes dormant after the first hard freeze. Common Bermuda works well in areas that don’t get much water.

st augustine sod grass

St. Augustine Grass

Texas Native St. Augustine is well rounded and a great choice for home or commercial lawns. Drought, cold and shade tolerant grass that is perfect for seasonal weather. St. Augustine requires a lot of water.

zoysia sod grass

Zoysia Grass

A fine-bladed grass that grows a thick lush lawn. Its dense growth pattern allows it to choke out weeds and provides a more uniform appearance. Zoysia demonstrates good shade tolerance and is able to resist many insects and diseases as well.

Up to 1 Year Warranty

With our sod installation service, we include a 30 day warranty for all grass types.  We guarantee no dead spots, weeds or pest infestations.

Get an extended 1 year warranty with our annual weed and fertilization plan. Click here to learn more.

Benefits of Sod Grass

Sod sometimes gets mixed reviews, but it is the best way to get a thick, healthy lawn without having to wait. If you plant grass seed, it will take time for the grass to grow. With a sod install in Frisco TX, you instantly get a brand new lawn that you can start enjoying right off the bat!

A few benefits to choosing a sod installation for your yard:

  • Easy to work with
  • Less water is needed to establish a healthy lawn
  • Can be installed at any time (as long as the ground isn’t frozen)
  • No need to wait for seeds to germinate
  • Increases value to the home
  • Controls soil erosion
  • Reduces heat compared to asphalt, rock or bare soil
sod installation grass

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