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Spring is the time to “scalp” the lawn by removing excess grass growth allowing water and nutrients easy access to the grass roots. Aerating the lawn in the spring is a great idea and will maximize grass root stimulation for a quick start to a lush lawn. And of course, the application of a weed and feed fertilizer is recommended.

Spring is also a great time to prepare the flowerbeds by removing any grass, weeds or dead plant matter, and installing new vibrant flowers. Then finish the beds off with a new layer of mulch to help the plants retain moisture and protect them from the upcoming summer heat. And if you have roses, this is the time to cut those back as well.

Fall is the time to focus on leaf control and cleanup as well as winterizing the lawn. The fall is also a great time to perform any necessary tree pruning as tree’s are becoming dormant in the fall which will minimize the possibility of damaging the tree when pruned.

spring fall preparation