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Gardening Tools: The Basics, Plus a Few Extras

by Wendy Mills 0 Comments

Every gardener has their set of go-to tools which they consider essential to the job. Tending your garden is a labor of love, and all forms of labor require the right devices. What are your must-haves? Are you first starting out, or perhaps in the market to spruce up your toolbox? We took a look […]

Fast Growing Trees

Fast Growing Trees

Our land is covered in myriad different tree species, and they’ve always played an integral role in human life. With an ever-increasing human population, it’s important that we continue nurturing our natural environment to maintain healthy ecosystems. Wood is used for a vast number of products, including books, furniture, and architecture. If you want to […]

Best Fruits to Grow in Texas

by Justin Case 2 Comments
Best Fruits to Grow in Texas

Did you know that Texas covers nearly 270 thousand square miles? Our beautiful, expansive state is home to a massive variety of vegetation, from desert shrubs and succulents, to myriad different flowers and grasses, and even a broad variety of fruit trees.  The tropical southern valleys, lush forests in the east, and humid central Hill […]

How to Plant Begonias

Its as Easy as One Two Three! Growing Begonias It’s Easy to Grow Begonias.  Almost all homes have a place suitable for begonias. Places such as the north side of a building, under shade trees or in pots under a porch roof are perfect spots for planting begonias. Considered a Texas Superstar Plant, begonias will highlight […]