The Beauty of Adding Roses to Your Home and Landscape

quicksand roseWhat IS it about roses that we all find so enchanting? Maybe everything??

Their fragrance- second to none; their abundant, voluptuous blossoms; the voracity with which a rosebush will spread if allowed to… Perhaps we even find the contrast of soft petals and strong, thorny stems somewhat relatable, as well?

Suffice it to say, you don’t have to be an avid gardener to appreciate these lovely ladies. For centuries we’ve adorned our yards, dining tables, and celebrations with their soft yet potent petals.

Here are some of our favorite things about roses:

Shrub Sizes

As a shrub, roses can be as wild or as mild as you like. Depending on your landscaping preferences, a rose bush can remain a tightly trimmed globe, or a beautiful sprawling mess of blossom-laden branches.

Did you know they can several feet in both height and width, especially with a supporting structure? In fact, the largest rose bush in the world is in Tombstone, AZ, and it’s massive enough to hold weddings inside its massive canopy of branches!


These days, you can find roses in nearly every imaginable color. The colors most often found in nature span from violet to deep red, peach to pink, and white to pale green.

Specialty and heirloom roses really pull out all the stops on the color spectrum, with varieties boasting speckles, truly unique shades, and even multi-colored petals on a single flower. One of our personal favorites is the quicksand rose. Her understated blend of pale creamy pink, with a tinge of greenish-beige, makes her a wonderfully versatile bright spot in any arrangement.


In addition to smelling lovely, the scent of a rose holds the highest biofrequency of all botanicals. Some studies indicate the inhalation of high-frequency aromas can produce a sense of serenity and general well-being.

Whether that’s true or not, I can tell you first-hand how much I adore the potent perfume of a blooming bush or a fresh vase of roses! Truly, it’s amazing how robust and enjoyable that fragrance is when it fills the air of your home or yard.


A healthy, well-attended rose bush will bloom for years on end with very little maintenance. They can bring prolonged beauty, fragrance, and vibrant color to your landscape.

But what about a simple vase of cut stems? With proper care and a quality growers, cut roses can remain healthy and beautiful for over 2 weeks. One great example is this this fantastic and eco-friendly company, which produces Ecuadorian roses wholesale, including bulk red and white roses!

Some Care Tips For Cut Roses

For cut roses, there are a few things you want to do right when they arrive, and then a few more things to do for maintenance:

  • Upon arrival, be sure you remove any leaves that look dead.
  • Cut the stems at an angle before placing them in a vase.
  • Be sure the vase is totally clean before adding water, to avoid contaminants (e.g. soap residue or household dirt).
  • If you ordered roses online and they look “tired” upon arrival, don’t worry! Just trim and vase them immediately.
  • Avoid excessive exposure to heat and sunlight, especially if you’ve placed them on your patio or deck.
  • Watch out for pets and little ones! If your vase of roses is within reach of curious kitties or toddler hands, you may want to place a barrier (or relocate them altogether) for the benefit of everyone’s safety (including the roses themselves)!
  • Keep them well-watered! The vase should stay relatively full, and cloudy water needs to be dumped and replaced.
  • Follow any instructions provided with a feed packet. The roses are no longer soil-fed, so you’ll help them live longer if you properly add any supplements provided.
  • Continue to prune as leaves and blooms begin to wilt. This helps ensure than all available water and nutrients go directly to the parts of each stem that remain healthy


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