Tips for Enjoying Your Dog and Your Garden Too

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Dogs and Gardens

Are you a proud dog owner? If yes, then it is essential that you look for ways that will ensure your dog enjoys its stay in the garden without destroying plants or getting injured. It is possible to come up with an outdoor space that all of us will be capable of enjoying using little effort. Here are essential tips that will help in ensuring that your dog enjoys its stay in the garden.

Designate an Area Where the Dog Can Relieve

When your dog is still young, you can decide to train it on doing his or her thing in a specific area of the garden. Try teaching your dogs to only help themselves at designated areas and not on your prized regions. One best way to select such areas is by use of wood chips or pea gravel and make sure the area is always clean.

Providing an Easy Access

Consider means your dog will be using to access your garden. Do you have a doggy door that will help him get out of the house when you are not around? Are you in a position to lock the door at night to assist in keeping away the unwanted critters?

Enhance Security Standard

Having a secure and strong wireless dog fence will ensure your dog is always safe and secure while in the garden. Ensure the walls are kept at a minimum of 5-6 ft tall to help in preventing the bigger dogs from jumping.

Ensure the locks of the gate fence remain locked to deny the dog any chance of escaping.

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Make use of Chemical Sprays

To prevent accidents, you can consider storing sharp tools, fertilizers and other items you use in the garden in the closed shed where they cannot be accessed by your dog quickly. You need to be careful not to throw any chemical in the dustbin or trash. Although it is advisable that you use natural herbicides only, you need to keep in mind that they can also be toxic when ingested by your dog.

Try Seeing the Garden as per the Dogs view

When you get to understand your dogs’ behavior, you will be in a position to create the most enjoyable and safest environment for you and your dog. First, you will have to consider if there are any potential dangers in the garden and figure out on means of how your dog could escape or find himself in trouble. Ensure your dog has enough space and is safe to play and relax. You have to try thinking on how the breed of your dog will going to affects its behavior while outdoor.

Check if your dog likes wandering on the garden beds. Try keeping your pet out with wireless dog fence, common verbal commands and dense planting. Another means you can use to help discourage your pets from getting into prohibited areas is by using motion activated sprinklers.

Does your dog like digging? Remember that most dogs like digging in dry soil instead of wet grounds.


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