Top 3 Types of Grass for Texas

In Texas the summers are hot, dry and long. That’s why it is very important to select the right types of grasses and hardy plants for your Texas yard. In this article, we discuss three tried-and-true texas grasses to choose for successful lawns: Zoysia, Bermuda and St. Augustine. Read on to learn more.

3 Top Performing Grass Types

zoysia sod grass
Zoysia Grass

1. Zoysia

Zoysia is a high-performing grass in Texas. Its seed is a bit more costly than that of Bermuda and St. Augustine, but it does very well in a wide variety of soils and weather conditions.

When you select high quality Zoysia seed and take care in sowing it, you can expect a hearty and successful lawn.

bermuda sod grass
Bermuda Grass

2. Bermuda

Bermuda is a type of grass that does very well throughout Texas. In fact, it does so well that it is fairly naturalized in many areas. 

Bermuda comes in several different types that are suitable to the varied weather in the state of Texas. It can do fairly well in most types of soil, but it does best in coarse, sandy soils.

If you are planting a pasture or other large area and don’t especially seek out a manicured appearance, Mohawk Bermuda is the choice for you. This hardy grass has a rich texture and is very tolerant of extreme cold, heat and drought.

If you seek a more manicured, golf-course-like appearance you should choose La Paloma Bermuda grass. This fine textured, deep green grass does well under most weather conditions.

st augustine sod grass
St. Augustine Grass

3. St Augustine

St. Augustine is a good choice for a shady Texas lawn, as it prefers full shade. This very elegant type of grass is tolerant of most weather conditions but prefers not to be in full sun.

St. Augustine grows on runners and creates a dense, emerald green mat that provides an excellent surface for resting and recreation in a relaxing and shady yard. It is especially good choice for clay-based soils.

How Much Watering is Required?

St. Augustine requires the most water. Bermuda requires the least amount of water. Zoysia is in the middle.

As a general rule of thumb, you want to water your lawn with about 1 inch per week.  More or less depending on the grass type as mentioned above.

For more info about watering your lawn read this article –

Seed Or Sod?

When choosing whether to plant seed or install sod, there are a number of consideration to take into account. Among them are budget, time and experience.

Grass seed is not cheap, but it is generally quite a bit less expensive to purchase and sow grass seed than to have sod installed. You can seed your lawn a bit at a time in patches, or you can till the whole thing, prepare it properly and sow your entire yard. This is time consuming and involves quite a bit of back-breaking labor. Once sown, you must care for your lawn tenderly and defend it against trampling and birds. This can make sowing a new lawn extremely labor intensive.

Laying sod is usually more successful; however, success depends upon skilled installation. Sod installation is deceptively difficult job, and you are probably better off leaving it to the experts. Sod is expensive, heavy and hard to handle. Proper soil preparation and good soil contact are imperative.

To Summarize, the Top 3 Types of Grass in Texas are:

  1. St. Augustine – Very tolerant of weather but prefers less sun, more shade.  Requires the most watering.
  2. Zoysia – Good in all soil types. Looks great but needs more sun, less shade. Cuts down on mowing. Requires less water than St. Augustine.
  3. Bermuda – Easiest to maintain. Least amount of watering but not as good to look at.

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  1. ReplyJasmine Hewitt
    Very helpful as we live in San Antonio, and believe our new house has Bermuda grass!
  2. ReplyAlexa Smith
    Is there much of a difference visually between the two grasses? If you were to post pictures of the different types used in a yard would we be able to tell?
    • Dustin Bird
      Pictures of the grasses have been added. Can you tell the difference?

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