Annuals to Plant in the Fall – Top 10 Fall Annuals

  • celosia

    Celosia Flower

  • zinnia

    Zinnia Flower

  • pansy

    Pansy Flower

  • petunia

    Petunia Flower

  • Chinese-Loropetalum

    Chinese Loropetalum

  • dianthus

    Dianthus Flower

  • partridge pea

    Partridge Pea Flower

  • minia lobata

    Spanish Flag Flower

  • begonia

    Begonia Flower

  • nasturtium

    Nasturtium Flower

  • cockscomb

    Cockscomb Flower

Autumn is a wonderful time to get outside and enjoy some gardening, now that the weather is beginning to cool off. That rich, earthy smell of fresh soil, paired with the visceral experience of tending to the plants you’ve nurtured for so many months- it can be almost intoxicating to avid gardeners.

But isn’t fall the beginning of the end? Is this not the season wherein we prepare both our garden and our lawn for that yearly winding-down, toward a “long winter’s nap?”

Not necessarily.

If you’re not ready to send your green thumb into hibernation mode just yet, we commend you for your dedication. There are plenty of annual plants you can add to your garden in the fall season, that will continue to thrive for several months, giving your yard that festive burst of color that energizes us as Mother Nature prepares for her yearly slumber.

Here at TLC Landscapes, LLC, we suggest you go for some vibrant, verdant annual plants to accent your yard.  For more ideas on how to take care of your landscape this season, be sure to check out Tips For Lawn Care in Autumn.


Celosias are perfect for the fall because they produce flowers that span the full spectrum of the autumn color palette. This plant offers a variety of accents to your garden throughout the season, with its blossoms of bright yellow, crimson red, calm orange, and claret purple. The flame-like plumes add a fun vertical texture to your autumn yard. 


This well-favored beauty not only offers a broad variety of colors to your garden, but the blossoms change colors as the weather shifts. These bright petals, which change from pale pink and white, to lively yellow and red, will keep your garden ablaze with lively accents. Zinnias, sometimes called Zowie Yellow Flames, grow tall and broad, with long stems and large flowers.


Pansies are among the prettiest fall flowers, and they are broadly celebrated for their bright bi-colored faces. They are available in a broad variety of colors, and most of them have a lively white “starburst” in the middle of their blossoms. While they are considered annuals, many pansies will re-blossom in the spring.  


These rapid growers are great for both your garden an your hanging basket, as their limbs will cascade outward with a burst of violet blossoms. While they’re great to plant in the fall, they actually begin blooming in May, and continue to do so until the first winter freeze. Petunias need full sun and healthy soil, as they are somewhat vulnerable to infection and invasive bugs.


While this flower thrives in the summer, it is still a great addition to your autumn garden due to its hardiness in cool weather. Commonly pinkish-purple with blue accents, this flower has a feathery appearance that adds a lovely texture to your landscape. Dinathus, sometimes called Supra Purple, thrives in full sun with moist soil, and requires occasional pruning to remain healthy.

Partridge Pea

Also known as Senna, this beautiful annual is actually classed as a legume, as it produces pods of fruit that attract hummingbirds and butterflies. It blooms both is the spring and fall, producing yellow flowers with deep red or purple spots that the base. Partridge peas fare well in full sun, and will likely rebloom in the spring.

Minia Lobata 

Also known as the Spanish Flag, this flowering vine provides a lovely background to any garden space, with its buds of red, orange, yellow, and pink. Yet again, we’ve got a flower whose coloration shifts with the temperature, as its petals pale with the dropping temperatures. Be sure to monitor this plant and prune regularly, to avoid diseases including root rot.


This plant is available in a broad variety of colors and sizes, due to its many subspecies. This makes them easy to pair with whichever autumn palette your aiming for in your garden.

They typically offer a large blossom, but again, this varies with the breed you’ve chosen. Begonias are available both as foliage plants and as flowering plants. Most prefer full sun to partial shade, and some can survive indoors if given adequate sunlight. 


This one is a classic for autumn decorations, both outside and in your own home. Nasturtium flowers offer all the classic fall colors, making them a fantastic addition to your seasonal arrangement.

Once again, we’ve got a fall plant that’s not only gorgeous, but edible! Its fat, round leaves are not only delicious, but they are action-packed with healthy minerals such as beta carotene and vitamin C.


Also known as Wool Flowers or Brain Celosia, these textured beauties produce a dense, convoluted blossom. The blooms are compact and undulating, somewhat resembling either the folds of a brain or that of a rooster’s comb.

They’re really quite beautiful though, and they thrive in late summer and autumn temperatures. Cockscomb offers your garden a variety of colors, with blossoms spanning up to 5 inches across.


If you love your lawn and garden, and want to keep the momentum going this fall- rather than succumbing to the cooling weather- good for you! There is no shortage of fall-friendly flowers to focus on, to keep your yard looking vibrant and colorful even as the days get shorter.

If you’re seeking assistance with your fall lawn care projects, click here for a free quote from TLC Landscapes.




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