Types Of Lawn Services in Yukon

A properly manicured lawn provides a safe place for your family to play and relax. It also contributes to the aesthetic appeal of your home and nourishes the environment too. This is why caring for your yard is important. 

You work less and enjoy your home more when you take proper care of your lawn. If you’re planning on hiring a professional to do the maintenance for you, it is important to understand the various types of services offered. 

Professional lawn maintenance providers can help out with weed control, insect control, mowing, mulching, hedge trimming to name a few. In our article, we will explain the various services offered by a lawn maintenance provider. You can also check out Yukon lawn services for more help.


  • Lawn fertilization and weed control


Lawn fertilization and weed control ensure your grass stays healthy and leafy throughout the seasons. 

Most landscapers utilize either synthetic or natural-based products to address the issue each of these types has a different nutrients package. Natural-based products contain beneficial bacteria, amino acids, and sea plants that help to enhance soil fertility. 

They are also friendlier to the environment compared to synthetic ones. Weeding often is also an essential part of keeping your grass healthy.


  • Lawn mowing


This is another important service provided by professional landscaping companies. Lawn mowing involves the timing of the turfs, edging, and blowing-off hard surfaces. 

This ensures the grass remains healthy and at the right size. It is also good to note that, not all landscaping companies provide this essential service so do your research and only opt for one that does. 

Make sure to mow your grass weekly depending on the size of the grass. Some grass grows slowly and might require cutting once every 14 days. Just don’t cut more than one-third of the grass.


  • Pest control


Pest and diseases like brown-patch, fungi, and grubs often attach to the grass causing stunted growth. Others like snails, slugs, grasshoppers, or beetles are quite harmless but when they invade the grass, they become destructive and annoying. 

Luckily there are various pesticides available that you can help in pest control. Make sure the product you choose is environmentally friendly to avoid polluting the soils in the process. 

Too much use of harmful pesticides can also kill the good bacteria responsible for soil aggregation and improved soil structure. See this link to learn more about pest control https://homeguides.sfgate.com/lawn-bug-killer-94364.html 


  • Mulching 


Mulching involves laying a protective layer of materials on the ground to improve moisture and the fertility of the soil. 

You can use organic mulch like bark chips, straws, grass clippings, or inorganic materials like plastic, stones brick chips among others. It is considered a great way to maintain grass and flowerbeds. 

Experts recommend doing mulching at least once or twice every year. Other benefits of mulching include root retention, weed elimination, and visual appeal. Nevertheless, too much mulching can cause rapid growth of fungus, therefore you should leave the job to the experts.


  • Irrigation system maintenance and repair


Just like any other plantation, lawns require proper and sufficient watering to thrive. The right lawn care company will guide you on the best way to irrigate your yard. 

The most commonly used irrigation system is the sprinkler system. This system applies irrigation water similar to natural rainfall and ensures the lawn is not flooded. 

It also controls airborne dust and cools the roots of the plants. The sprinkler method saves you water bill money and ensures your lawns remain beautiful throughout. 



  • Leaf Removal


During spring or fall when the weather is windy, you’re most likely to experience extreme leaf fall. 

Leaf builds up can destroy the aesthetic appeal of your lawn which is why you need a good lawn care company to remove the leaves. 

Most companies will provide seasonal leaf removal depending on the client’s expectations. Click here to see how you can start your own lawn care business.


Keeping your yard clean and properly maintained protects your home and is also beneficial to the environment. Lawn grass helps trap carbon dioxide, improve the soil, clean the air and reduce soil erosion. You might need the help of a professional to ensure that your yard is properly cared for. With so many landscaping companies out there, it can be challenging to find the right one for your lawn. Take time to choose a company that provides services that match your landscaping needs.


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