When Should You Be Watering Your Lawn for Best Results?

Watering your lawn properly is one of the keys to lush, green grass.

But if you don’t have much gardening experience or have just never had much success in that area and can’t figure out what you’re doing wrong, you probably need some tips on when it’s best to water and how frequently you should water your grass.

Let’s go over some information on when you should be watering your lawn below.

Tips for Knowing When to Water Your Lawn

Look at your lawn’s appearance. If it seems a bit gray or has a dull appearance, that is indication that it needs water.

Check how your lawn responds when you walk on it. If the footprints seem to stay for more than a moment, it’s a result of the fact that the blades of grass lack the moisture necessary to spring back

You need to know the best times of day for watering your lawn. In general, the most effective time for watering is before 10 am in the morning. That is because the weather is cooler and there are calmer winds. This means that the water can soak more deeply into the soil before any evaporation occurs. If you still prefer to do your watering in the evening, it’s best to do so sometime between 4 pm and 6pm. That way, there will be enough time for the grass to dry before it gets dark. Watering in the evening and at night is a bad idea because it makes disease more likely to develop on your lawn.

Pay attention to your watering depth. Once your lawn is established and in very good shape, it’s generally best to water it until the top (around 6 to 8 inches) of soil are wet. It’s important that you refrain from excessively watering grass. Your lawn probably needs only about a single inch of water every week. This can come from watering or rain. The inch of water needed can be split into two watering sessions or covered in just one.

Keep new lawns moist, not soggy. If your lawn is only recently seeded, you should ensure that the top inch of it is kept moist but not made soggy. One or two times each day, mist over the seeded ground. If the weather is hot and dry, you might need to do this three times or maybe more a day. After seeds begin germinating, you should maintain the moisture of the top two inches of soil.

Methods for Watering Your Lawn

There are several different methods and systems you can use to keep your lawn properly watered. Let’s go over them below:

In-ground sprinklers

A common choice with many homeowners is the in-ground sprinkler system.

These are great for watering your lawn in an efficient way with little effort on your part.

Go with sprinklers that are positioned close to the ground. You should also consider setting it to a horizontal spray pattern, something we recommend.

Pulsating sprinklers

Pulsating sprinklers have the advantage of being able to project water horizontally at such a high speed that wind won’t send it askew.

This means that this type of sprinkler is a great choice if you live in a windy area.

This type of technology tends to use up more water, though, so keep that in consideration when thinking about the possible effects not only on your finances but the environment, as well.

Hose-end sprinklers

If your lawn is only small or medium in size, hose-end sprinklers might be a good choice for you.

You can find a variety of types of these sprinklers on the market.

This means that you can choose one that best suits your needs and preferences.

Other Tips for Effective Lawn Watering

If you’re afraid of leaving the water on for too long, consider buying a timer.

You can get one for a very reasonable price. You can use this piece of equipment to make sure that the water is turned off after a specific period of time. This will make sure that your lawn will get the right amount of water.

When setting up your timer, you will have to attach it to the spigot. The timer is then attached to the hose.

We recommend that you look for a timer that measures flow rate.

This will ensure that you are able to understand the amount of water your lawn requires in order for it to say green and beautiful.

Need Help With Your Lawn?

If you follow the tips set out above, you’re sure to have a lawn of the greenest green this spring and summer.

But if you still need some help or you’re short on time, contact us. You’ll be surprised how affordable professional lawn care can be. We look forward to providing you with a quote!


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